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Just finished my office work which I was supposed to have finished in the office yesterday but couldn't do so and had brought that home.
been dog sitting, now back at the house, tempted to meditate a bit ;) as i have a rolled ankle that needs some healing...
Sunday, so just relaxing a bit, other than that, just came back after doing a light grocery from the market !
rock climbing trip! just got back from camping at rocktown. good trip, but it rained this morning... lurking around the house for now, till it dries up enough to skate the bank-ledge i recently cemented.
aaah I want to go rock climbing too again! it's been too cold in austria for the last month.

I just came home from a friends place, and pretty sure, I'll go to sleep now :)
man, it's one of the best escapes... i was looking up at the milky way last night. it was so remote, i could see SO many stars! i miss it already...
it sure as hell is :) the first few times climbing outside, magical. you just hear the wind blowing through the valley, a creek gurgling afar, and 25m of nice rock ahead of you :)

I just got up from a few hours of amazing sleep and made a fire. now for a coffee and a breakfast.

just finished cracking open some hickory nuts that i harvested from a tree nearby. they look so similar to walnuts, but man is the flavor so much more robust! well worth the pain-in-the-ass shells.
Prior to getting on the internet I was down stairs watchen tv for a sec and they said on the news that tv on sale on black friday arent as on sale as tv on superbowl.
I just had a burrito and now I'm checking the internet a last time before I attend my first rainbow gathering, in palenque :) looking forward.
secretly shes spying on us er i mean him. And every time we say something in code he will write it down till she finds the key.
I got something of a code maybe they can crack... Gotta keep everything right on track... You may not see me, but I see you... I even see it, when you poo... We scrape and scrounge, check the trash... We track your spending, count your cash.... ATM, swipe at the counter... Hey, I love the attention from that chick... Gotta mount her....


So, to keep with the game... I just finished writing that little ditty above....