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[Partenaire] présentation de PRO TEST (test kits)


Holofractale de l'hypervérité
30 Oct 2011
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Salut ! je vous partage notre tout nouveau partenariat avec :
PROTEST qui offre généreusement 10% de réduction sur leur magasin en ligne, et donne aussi 10% de commission à notre association.

Je vous laisse avec un petit texte de leur part pour se présenter (je ferai une trad demain pour les anglophobes):


we are PRO Test (www.protestkit.eu), a Polish drug checking company. We are proud to announce the start of our partnership with psychonaut.fr. Use the code "psychonautfr" to get a 10% discount on your order and donate another 10% to development and maintance of psychonaut.fr. We have been providing harm reduction services in nightlife settings since about 2015, first as a part of a local Polish NGO, and now with a bigger scope as PRO Test. As PRO Test, our mission is to reach as many people as possible with substance analysis, so we are excited to start working with the French community. For many drug checking is often the first contact with harm reduction services and the first step towards a safer nightlife, so we want to provide all people who use psychoactive substances with easy to use tools to improve safety.

10% DISCOUNT: „psychonautfr” (without the quotes) with extra 10% going to psychonaut.fr


We have probably the biggest selection of substance analysis kits:
- single use kits (dual reagent ampoules or fentanyl test strips)
- multi use kits (13+ reagents for 550+ substances with 3400+ reference results)
- purity testing kits (TLC kits to detect all adulterants and estimate potency)

+ all required (and more) accessories. All our reagents arrive in high quality glass (corrosive) and plastic (non corrosive) bottles to ensure the best shelf life. All reagent bottles arrive in a chemical resistant plastic jar filled with hygroscopic vermiculite for yours and delivery safety from any spills.

You can choose a kit designed for each of the most common substances, like the MDMA test kit, LSD test kit or the Cocaine test kit (most kits are rather universal if you check their descriptions) or you can select individual reagents like Marquis reagent or Ehrlich reagent and order a kit tailored just for you.


TLC Purity tests: We are always working on developing new and improving current test kits. Recently we have introduced TLC purity test kits, which enable you to separate sample into different substances for individual reagent testing, and to estimate their potency as simple as with a special calibrated ruler, like for testing MDMA:



Benzo reagent:

Check out the benzo project we are working on:
We teamed up with our British colleagues and came up with a possible benzo reagent test kit, something that is not available on the market yet. It’s very hard to test benzos because of low amounts in pills and all the fillers, however we think we came up with something able to distinguish at least alprazolam (xanax) from other benzos and alike.

We have some awesome quality enhancements coming soon and will let you know as soon as possible, but for now stay tuned :)

PS. Feel welcome to follow us on instagram @protestkit_eu for a chance to win a single use test kit every week :)"



Holofractale de l'hypervérité
30 Oct 2011
7 465
Petite mise à jour de leur part:

I have some more cool news, we are changing our Ehrlich reagent recipe. The new one (although it’s actually very old) takes 1-2 minutes to start reacting instead of instantly, but has at least 2x longer shelf life, extending life of the reagent up to 12-24 months at least.

It is the improved hallucinogen reagent”, aka Ehrlich version from 1974 https://sci-hub.se/https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.2042-7158.1974.tb10677.x.

- At least 2x as good shelf life. As we recently learned Ehrlich can go bad due to repeated warming and freezing due to condensation, and Ehrlich 2.0 uses non volatile phosphoric acid instead of HCl to eliminate the issue.
- Doesn’t evaporate instantly, safer
- Better sensitivity
- Improved viscosity, easier to add only one drop of reagent

- Longer reaction time, on par with Hofmann (2/3-10 minutes). Regular Ehrlich is almost instant, if fresh.