vitamin B6
hey all I have been taking this as a dietary supplement for 3 days, wow is all I can say, what a boost, I have been tweaking for real off this, anyone else try this? im on a t-break and wanted something good, well I found it b6 kicks ass! Cant get motivated take 100mgs of b6 and some coffee, you will be ready to go! any thoughts on this would be awesome!mrgreen
Are you just bs n ? Cuz I'm an artist and once the inspiration is there its all about the motivation. Any particular brand? Peace
no im not bs you, I take this natures blend vitamin b6 50mg tablets, 2 of them with coffee ,right now as we speak, on an empty stomach........its gets me off the couch and this is just great I think, no I don't bs people, good luck mavraek! im not on any other drugs right!
I've heard that an acquaintance of my girlfriend swears by it. I will have to try it now, sounds too good not to.
B6 is also a way to sober up from alcohol from what I am told.
I've heard similar benefits with Niacin (B3):
I'm doing Niacin Therapy : Low-Carb War Zone Forum : Active Low-Carber Forums
Best is 5-HTP with this precusor B6 (5-HTP increase serotonin, memory but no effect without B6 its are linked)
Perhaps your diet in general is not healthy if you are getting 'boosts' from b6
B6 and B12 are important anyway but i dont recommend that

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