Is the universe intelligent?
Y'all shouldn't stop at evolution.... Confusednakeman:
If evolution is only adaptation to the environment, how come we get diversity at the same locations?
What are hybrids worth under that explanation?
Take a donkey and a horse... Mix them and you lose chromosomes.
Humans have a fused chromosome and that's why we share a pair less with chimps.
Hybrid or adaptation? How come we lost/fused chromosomes and yet become the higher evolved kind?
[Y'all shouldn't stop at evolution.... Confusednakeman:]

uh oh watch out, transhumanist in the house :lol:

if we see ourselves as simple life forms within a larger much more complex something 'form', like the germs living in our gut, then wouldn't trans humanism be the equivalent of cancer for the universe?!?
I am not a trans humanist at all. From what post of mine do you interpret that?
To become "trans human" you need hardware and software. Or bionical suits.
There are things I might discuss from "alienation", though evolution is not that.
It got to me an interest of reaching a master in biology. Where does it bring you?

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