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Elfe Mécanique
9 Juin 2008
IJesusChrist a dit:
Last night I had a strong urge that I had been and have been doing something wrong. I had, and will have again, an overwhelming sense of wrongness in my life. It can pertain to anything, but it is often illogical and impractical. I haven't tripped on any long-duration psychoactives for some time because of it (psilocybin, lsd, aya...); as soon as I start to peak I get the sense of "Wrong" and attribute it to taking the drug. I usually end up saying "I'm never going to do that again! I want to be sober forever!"

Do not completely dismiss your emotions that you are doing something 'wrong' during a trip. Sometimes it can just indicate you have learned enough from tripping and its time to integrate and implement those experiences in your daily life. Basically after a certain amount of trips, there are enough doors opened in your mind and you don't need any external substances to alter your mind state anymore. Tripping repeatedly while deep down you are feeling that you are doing something wrong could result in negative consequences.