Upcoming changes
Dear Psychonaut Users,

The English Psychonaut section has been left alone for a while, and it is time to make it rise again. Bots will no longer rule this place, the English forums are about to be reorganized, but most importantly : a new English Psychonaut team will be hired!

1. New English moderators recruitment
The old Psychonaut moderators are longer very active - many thanks to them for all the work they have been doing for years! - and we need some new blood! Since I am a part of the French Psychonaut team - which you might have noticed due to my awkward English \o/ - I don't really know the remaining users very well. This is why we will be recruiting new trial moderators for the English section.

Should you feel interested in turning into an Internet Tough Guy™ or if you simply like the Psychonaut community and want to help it improve, feel free to postulate in the recruitment thread that will be made during the following days! Application will be selected and new moderators will be granted a trial period where their permissions will be limited in action and will stick to the English section. After the initial trial period, their permissions will be extended to normal moderators.

2. English forum reorganization
The actual English forum organization is a bit dull and taking a lot of space on the front page. Also, we think that grouping forums by common attributes would improve navigation. This is why the forums will be reorganized during the following days. Don't be afraid if you see things moving a bit.

3. Dealing with the bots and spam
Since we are already using one of the best available anti-spam solution, we will have to focus on those who get through the net. From now on, persons matching the following criterias will be considered as bot/spammers and will be permanently banned without warning :

- Posting nonsense or useless posts like "I like this forum very much" "Your blog is very interesting".
- Posting any form of spam/commerical links
- Putting any form of spam/commercial link in signature

Should we ban someone by mistake, such person is kindly asked to make a new account, post a topic in the Lounge forum regarding the issue and we'll unlock the mistakenly banned account.

This is all for now, we'll keep you guys tuned.


The Psychonaut Team

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