Phenibut and constipation, normal?
This Monday is the first time I take phenibut, I took about 0.6-7 grams, the day has passed, but I did not feel much different, then 2 days later (Wednesday) I increased, I took about 1.3 grams at 7 morning, I did not eat anything, at 11:30 I went to the bathroom and I could not shit (there was also blood), and I had to do it urgently, I waited a bit, and after 30 minutes I tried again, but I could not,
I was 40 miles from my house,
I read on the internet what to do, I ate plums, drank so much water, aloe vera, yogurt, arrived home at 4 I went to the bathroom and finally managed to do it, it was painfully relaxing,
was an effect of phenibut?
Monday and Tuesday I took painkillers might have interacted with phenibut?
I never had constipation
I bought it on ebay, it came in a small plastic bag with a printed sheet of nutrition mind, perhaps it's an issue of quality?

edit: so friday, i took about 0.7-8 gr, no side effect, this was amazing,, i was really good for all the day,
By eating prunes and drinking more water you can rid from constipation
Definitely drink more water i had the same problem once with phenibut.

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