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LSD 1300ug?

Hello, today I bought some blotters of LSD which the seller told me he had 1300ug.
Has anyone tried it? There really is that much higher?
For a while I only used it no more than 400ug, I take half or whole?
I'm in this dilemma because lately I've taken some half and had no trip so amazing.

*Sorry my english is terrible.
You can build it up, like starting with 400ug since that's the highest you've ever took, and then build up with 100ug per trip for example.
There's a HUGE difference between 400ug and 1300ug Tongue I tried 600ug once and it resulted in a bad trip because I couldn't handle the dose
(and I also didn't have much experience with psychedelics at that time, too. I must add that)
But the visuals on doses like that are overwhelming. Beautiful, incredible, but overwhelming, and it got me feeling really uncomfortable at a certain point.
I always prefer 220ug, that's the perfect dose for me ^^
[Image: 308z979.gif]
Thanks for info.

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1300µg trip?

I'd say it's fake, lsd is really expensive, and selling that much wouldn't make him much money. And... nop, 1300µg trips doesn't even exist. it is just too much for anybody, exepted someone with a huge tolerance (but tolerance comes quick), 1300µg would burn your mind. Even 300µg (300 real µg) is massive!

Most trips are 75, 110 or 150µg but you'll never see more on a blotter, maybe 200 but unless you can prove it with a lab test i wont believe it.

Your seller is a lyer, as all acid sellers is guess, maybe because their seller lied to them, and the seller before lied to, from 110µg... it becomes 1300 lol.
1300µg is 10 or 13 good doses huhu.

You may eat a half first and then another if you want to.

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It may not be LSD! SWIM bought a sheet of 25-C and the blotters were 1200µg each. If it tastes bitter/metallic it's not. But the trip can still be enjoyed Smile
Omg 1300microgramms .... Sounds like a terrible horrible trip :/

I think at very high dose you will simply forget some hours of your trip , awake in a place you didn't remember you goes and had a bad hangover for hours ....

Yes, except with tolerance, ingest this quantity have just no sense
Unless you paid over $100 for that tab then its not 1300ug. Expect 130ug.
I just registered here so it seems that I don't have a permission to post a new thread. So, if you don't mind, I'll be adding my question to this thread. I hope somebody reads it and can give me some advice. Sorry, this post might be a little bit long.

I would call myself a pretty experienced psychedelic user but not when it comes to big dosages of certain substances. I have taken a lot of combinations with average size doses (like 150ug LSD + 30mg 2c-b + 50mg DMT + 2g mushrooms etc) but never very big dosages of LSD (600ug is the biggest till now). I have taken ayahuasca, mushrooms and DMT. DMT to 100mgs. I've tripped about 100-200 times.

Anyway. I had a bottle of LSD and I couldn't get the rest 10-14 drops out from it. I've tried it and I'm pretty sure that it is LSD, nothing else, though you can never be sure enough until it's tested in a lab. Still, I'm quite sure. The drops are supposed to be 140ugs which I believe is pretty correct, since I've tried 1/5 of one drop and it was clearly beyond the treshold (~20ug).

So. I've been thinking of doing this for a while. But I feel that now it's the time for the Big Dose, which in this case would be the rest of the drops remaining in the bottle. It can be anything between 10-14 drops, which would mean 1400-1960ug. I am planning on doing this on next weekend. I know that the duration might be a little bit longer since the dosage is big. I will take the dose in the morning alone at my home. I will make some smoothie for the day, since I propably won't be able to eat anything else if anything at all. I would take the dose at 10am and my friend would come to my place at 5pm so there would be 7 hours for me to be alone. I'm quite sure I won't be able to do much, propably I will be lying on the bed.

Is there anyone more experienced with bigger dosages to tell me if this sounds fine? I'm just wondering is it safe to take it alone at first. I've once had a panic attack when I took an overdose of speed (I don't do speed very often, last time 2-3 months ago). I've never had a panic attack on psychedelics but I believe that this time I might pretty much DIE (not my body, but me) and it's usually pretty scary when you die so there is a chance for that. Panic attack is not really dangerous so it's okay but still, do you guys think it would be better not to be alone?

I'm really not sure which one is better: having a friend here or being alone. Since I know that I won't be able to communicate with him at all when I'm tripping. I just know that you can get all those weird ideas on your head when your ego is dying: "What if this isn't really LSD and I'm gonna die FOR REAL?" etc. Even an experienced tripper might get this once in a while. Because as I said, dying is fucking scary before it happens. After you're gone there is nothing to fear anymore.

So... What do you guys think?

I'd also love to hear from others who have taken a big dosage (over 1200ug) alone: How was it? Did you manage on your own? Was it a good idea to take it alone?

I have to add that I usually trip alone. That's how I can really concentrate on my own mind.
Personally id be a bit wary of taking suck a large quantity!
Biggest dose I ever took was 700-800 mics, and it was not so long ago.

Expect derealization, ego dissolution. It's like a train with the brakes lifted rolling down a hill, the more the dose, the steeper the slope, and the more EGO states you have to deal with.
Mine wasn't a bad trip, but was very very challenging, and I got crawled up into a corner for 5 hours straight, in a near paralyzed way, and was bombarded with OEV light shows.

Sunlight seemed to emerge as if you were standing next to the sun, and colour of of a monitor seemed like the world was coming out of it, mixing in with, ego dissolutions, personal challenges and what you want at that point is a very strong attitude of letting it all go.

1300mics seems a step further in this direction, I'm pretty sure you would not be able to see normal reality for many hours during the trip.
In all cases, make sure you got a tripsitter at these doses that is experienced himself.

And *cough* You don't really have 1300mics. But in case you were planning on dosing that high one day, take my evaluation of a 700-800mics dose seriously, and better yet, start right there or even lower.
Personally I see no reason yet to try 1300mics, even while I have done 800mics. You should treat this with a little more caution imo.
Highest microgram I've seen is 220 and pretty sure they don't make much higher. So 1300ug is out of the question! I like to take 180ug and take about 2,5 blotters for a trip. I take a whole one first, then keep adding half a tab every 2 hours. It makes for a nice extended trip that doesn't swing to hard between peaks.
Alright, coming back to this topic after 2 years.

So, I took around 1200 ug after my last post. Then after 6 months I took about 3000 ug (could've been more, something between 3000-4000). This year took around 800 ug.

In case you're ready to die and leave everything behind, I'd say: Go for it.

If you want to be in control of the trip, just forget about it.

If you end up taking a huge dose, always have an experienced sitter with you. Somebody you feel comfortable with.

Music, noises, lights etc. can distract you. I recommend a pretty dark room, lying down, eyes closed, no music, no communication. This is the case with smaller doses too. If you really wanna have a stronger trip, try this first with a small dose before taking a big dose.

In case you go over 1mg, it's good to know you might throw up and feel extremely nauseous. It'll get better after the peak, so don't worry. I recommend fasting: If possible, don't eat anything before dosing. Drink ginger-lemon-honey drink, you can make it by yourself. Later it can be a good idea to eat some fruits but nothing too heavy.

Interaction with God possible. Being God... possible. Seeing through all the objects and seeing how everything is constructed by energy, possible. Seeing your past lives and future lives, possible. Seeing all the multiversums, possible. Well, it's a lot of information to handle.

Having valium or something else to calm you down is a good idea. I don't recommend taking this stuff when you're still tripping but save it after the trip in case you can't sleep. I take benzos after 16-20 hours if I can't sleep (which is very likely with a huge dose like this, it can last over 24 hours).

If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer.

I'd also like to remind that you do this only when you're a very experienced tripper and also 100% sure the stuff you have is LSD and nothing else. Better to get it tested. And only in a calm and comfortable environment with an experienced sitter. Also you should be prepared to see through the trip even if it's extremely difficult.
You can fit as much as you like on a sugar cube!
My brother had a tab once, that he would put drops onto when our mate bought new lsd viles; I'm sure he got upwards of 5-7 drops on it. Thing was crystal.
Then went broke and a mate jumped on the opportunity to buy it; they chopped it into 5 pieces and the five guys tripped balls!

Hey brother, your chemical romance sounds a lot like mine.

So I bought a vile of lsd and was quickly left with almost nada, (hot cakes).
There are about 5 drops at the bottom of the breath mint vile, (250mic drops) from a very, very trusted old friend.
Also I suspect a drop or three around the inside plastic.
And I am really thinking of doing it all as a wash.
I am experienced; I have touched heaven and burnt in hell. And stopped all drugs for a time. To focus, to travel, to integrate.

I want to say I am confident that I am ready, ready as I'll ever be!

My plan is to fast. Do in the dark in complete silence (with all prepared if I needed distractions, but intending to do it like an Ayahuasca ceremony more or less; which I have done a handful of times), also thinking of doing it solo, mostly for easiness, as my wife doesnt agree to this type of thing, and I am trying for her sake to really transition out of this for good.

To live from past experience.
Any way I've seen/questioned enough already to take at least a lifetime to integrate all!

Most I've taken at once before was around 600 - 800mic on one sugar cube; I believe I have taken more than this in one night, but lsd don't really work that way now does it- have to take it all within that window frame of time.

That dose was crazy but still in reality.
I do not want to be on the edge of something, but right over it.

So Whyra bro, do you suggest a pitch dark room, is a sitter so necessary ?
I see the importance if shit got queasy.

How long did you trip for with the big dose, and how long after to come right?

How could you say fasting helped you ?

Have you ever heard of the finger print lsd test?

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My wife and I buy half sheets of 50 tabs at 150ug each. When we dose, we generally take between 9 and 10 each. So I don't know what you all are talking about saying that these high doses don't exist. It be quite therapeutic stripping your ego away and focusing on introspective change and how that can influence how you interface with life. Not to mention profound spiritual  Epiphanies.
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