Forum Security Issues
When you create a new account, why does there need to be a shockwave object on there? This can cause real problems for Tor users. Isn't there a better captcha system that can be used that doesn't lead to the possibility of an IP being revealed? I thought flash and stuff like that was rubbish for anonymity.

Also, why no https? Ler's get the encrypton going on here, lads!
Or is that puzzle shockwave thing ok for Tor users? Maybe they can use it without fear of being discovered? I don't understand for certain what it is or what risks it presents. But still. A simpler captcha might be nice, right?
Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, the most common captcha's have caused a tsunami of spammers to register. So far, we've been quite satisfied with the Puzzle Captcha we're now using. However, I'll see if there's any alternatives that don't pose problems for Tor users.

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