Eve Lorgen on Toxic Alien Vampirism
This is the best Reptilian Alien related interview I have ever heard. Mind blowing from start to finish. Great to listen to if your tripping.

Citation :Eve Lorgen is a UFO abduction researcher and author who has spent her life investigating cases of Alien manipulation through romantic and extremely toxic relationships.

Eve outlines the basic premise of these interactions. Daniel asks her what alien group is the most responsible and if its the Reptilians. Eve talks quite a bit about Reptilians and mentions that many shapeshifting cases we witness are actually cases of parasite invasion.

She talks about Milabs and the links between black ops government programs and these fourth dimensional alien experiences. Daniel asks about the Royal family and Eve explains that these aliens stick very closely to power and not only that but they created the actual power structures themselves.

ssssssssshh !

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