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Can materials make your life better???

Say for instance, you buy a spiritual book and it effects your life in a positive way, a product has made your life better. Am I not right? It just seems like a lot of spirituality curves away from the idea of material possessions. Is it the possessions or the attachment to the possessions?

Agree, but it's not about having the book. If you buy a book you buy the text, while the paper and ink is the medium. After you've read it you can give it to a friend. Btw, food can make your life better too.

Materialism in the wrong way is people becoming slaves of what they own. Having to have as much things as possible in order to get more. Everyone does it to some degree.
as we separate and compare
interesting idea about the book, but i would look at it in a different light.

the book really just contains knowledge. We can even call it meaning. Well, the same effect would have been had if the writer of the book had came and told us what he/she was thinking instead of writing it down right?

now if you look at at a brand new laptop, THAT would be more of what i would view as a material possession. Or an iPod or something like that. anyhow, i really don't think that material possessions such as these make our lives better. i think because from the beginning we're told that material possessions are a way to judge our success in life, and always believe that we're better than others by having more than them.

Then on one shroom trip i got to thinking.. how would i judge my happiness, my spirituality, my life as a whole on my deathbed? i know for certain i wouldn't care if i had 3 luxury cars or none at all. but then what would make me happy? i decided upon having 1 or 2 people in my life (not sexual/romantic partners, simply friends) that i got to know half as well as i know myself.
Cracked eggs in a Fruitopia bottle.
your life is material just as much as it is spiritual.
-away for a while-

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