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Amazonian XTC

Well a friend and myself are planning to do a mushroomtrip this sunday. We walked in the smartshop yesterday and checked what they had. Amazonian XTC seemed nice to us and the description written beside it seemed promising: "Euforic and visual" but since the discription was so short I couldn't decide yet.

So far I've tried regular Mexicans three times now twice taking 17 grams, once taking 25 grams (both wet shrooms). This time we actually wanted to take 35 grams of Mexicans but since the Amazonian XTC sounded promising to us we were thinking about getting these.

Has anyone ever tried them and could tell me some more about their effects in comparison with regular Mexicans? What dosage would you recommend? Should I go for the whole 35 grams or stick to 25 grams for one more time?
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According to google it's a substrain of cubensis. I doubt you will notice any differences, but who knows huh. :)
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Brakkie a écrit :
Should I go for the whole 35 grams or stick to 25 grams for one more time?

If your last few trips felt safe and comfortable, I would try 35gr for sure. I'd actuallyl try 45 or something.

Good luck and take care :)
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@DevXavier: I've read that too but the smartshop gave a diffirent discription between the two and I also read that the mushrooms were more fleshy and often turned out bigger than regular mexicans.

@Kwarkfanaat: Yeah my last trips did feel safe and I might as well go for the 35 grams.

Thnx I'll post a note after the trip
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i did one of my first trips on amazonian XTC, it blew me of my feet, i was like tripping for 10 (ten!) hours. i must say i had smoked a lot of grass while tripping, like 5-10 grams :P
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What are you guys planning to do? When i am around others or outside i like 25 grams or less better :)
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@Petfles: Planning on sitting on our regular spot. It's a little hill in the middle of a park surrounded by trees, grass, and some water. When the sky is clear it's such a beautifull spot. The light from the moon, the stars above your head while looking over a beautifull park. We've tripped there all 3 times before and it was a really good spot. We're gonna dress warm and bring a blanket so I'm not worried about the cold. And as always bringing 2 grams of hash. Damn I just love hash with a good hookah while I'm on shrooms.
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Hehe, I had these my 1st time, I took about 2/3 of the portion, they felt slightly euphoric, a few times I got up and wanted to dance. Since they were called XTC I was thinking about my first time on E, damn, I got a flight back to the moment when it was kicking in.

I was about 5 hours tripping.
I think a higher dose of normal cubensis will make more of a difference than the other strain (of course if the other strain is stronger then you'll get more from the same amount as well...).

The main difference between mushroom strains is their relative content of psilocin and psilocybin. You can't expect to get a totally different trip from another strain. You can get a totally different trip because of one reason: mushroom trips can be extremely different from each other even with the same amount of the same strain in the same setting.

I am not saying all strains are the same, but in the end the differences tend to be like the differences between white wine and red wine - just drink enough and the differences are hardly distinguishable.
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I had these tonight again, they were deffo quite pleasant and speedy at the end. I bought them at La Canna (Amsterdam).

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