Alternatives for alcohol?
Citation :
Citation :My latest discovery is Gingko Biloba! It's a nice herb, easily available, not too expensive.

The effects include:
more energy(not really alcohol-like)
increased social skills
fading behavorial boundaries
and slight gigglyness
In the past decade I've read hundreds of articles on Ginkgo Biloba, and none of them have hinted at any of the things you mention. Ginkgo Biloba improves the blood circulation in the brain (and finger tips for example), that's all. No short-term psychoactive or stimulating effects have been reported by users (my clients for example) or researchers. If you experience these effects however, it's most certainly due to a placebo effect (good one Forkbender!) because someone told you Ginkgo would have these effects.

Well the weird thing is, no one ever told me what the effects would be when I decided to try it. Actually I bought some herbal drink, knowing nothing about it's gingko content, I drenk it and went to work. Half an hour later I was pretty euphoric, and energetic similar to caffeine.

Btw: I've read about it on erowid, wikipedia, you name it and they all said something about Gingko stimulating ATP-production.

But then again maybe you're right, and it was just placebo. Nevertheless did I enjoy my multiple experiences with it. So maybe we should add to the list of alternatives for Alcohol: Placebo? Tongue

Seriously though, Gingko may not be a worthy drug to get high from, it certaintly is a great herb!
"You can always trust someone in search of the truth, but never trust one who claims to have found it"
ever thought of abstinence? Tongue Smile Big Grin :lol:
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500-1000mg of carbamezapin and weed but not so strong (from 2-5% of THC)
How about a barbiturate
Citation :During the stage after mild intoxication, the user's speech may be slurred and a loss of coordination may become noticeable

Citation :When taken in high doses, barbiturates can cause serious side effects, including "unpredictable emotional reactions and mental confusion", noted the Independent. Judgment becomes severely impaired and the user may experience mood swings.

Sounds pretty much like alcohol to me..
I agree, lol!

Good one.
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I wish I had 2-methyl-2-butanol.
2-methyl-2-butanol could be the best alternative to ethanol (ethyl alcohol) for regular use. It creates no toxic aldehydes, has no hangover, is more euphoric, more social and with nearly no side effects or loss of coordination at 2 to 6 mL. 5 to 8mL makes the user sleepy. 8mL or less seem safe. It has an extensive past and has been used medicinally. It could be the alternative that could be used the most frequently if it were very easily available.

2C-x chemicals seem interesting because they have some effects at sub-hallucinogenic doses. 2C-C at low doses could be relaxing. 2C-I at low doses are energetic. 2C-D at low doses improves memory. Maybe mixing one 2C-x with another 2C-x at low doses to get the low dose effects of both. 2C chemicals may hold powerful nootropic potential.

MDxx chemicals (MDMA, MDEA, MDPR , MDPH, ect.) could be the once monthly alternative some people would try. It would be the best one ever, even if it can't be used often. The precautions like staying hydrated with water and electrolytic drinks, keeping the room very cool, taking quercetin with it to rewiden constricted blood vessels due to MDxx, taking 5-HTP and Tryptophan afterwards to replace the precursors to serotonin and help serotonin build back up in the brain faster. Spacing the time between each roll, ect. It's extremely fun and you throw a rave at someone's house and dance for hours while the energy and warmth flows throughout your body.
the alternative of alcohol could be a tobacco. it also kills but has less number of risk when compared to alcohol
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Maybe some catnip tea. I read that it calms your nerves and makes you relaxed. It's safer than alcohol. It's also safe for cats. I think it has no LD50. You know what else has no LD50. CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), both found in cannabis. I'd personally stay away from it because it makes you lazy. I wish I had catnip (contains nepetalactone) or some MDxx (MDMA, MDEA, ect.). Catnip makes you relaxed, but not high or lazy. Catnip is also used as a mosquito repellant. Maybe using both DEET and Nepetalactone as a repellant would be awesome! ecstasy doesn't make you lazy. It's like very energetic and euphoric and you feel like moving around and dance for hours when there's music while feeling like pure love is flowing throughout your body and then you feel warm.
I hate catnip now. It's nothing but a pointless dizzyness.
Maybe a Sulbutiamine and Nitroglycerin combination pill! 300mg to 600mg Sulbutiamine and 0.5 to 1.5mg Nitroglycerin in a tablet. Or nitroglycerin alone.
The best alternative may still be 2-methyl-2-butanol at 2ml to 7ml(because of it's lack of detection from others and you just seem like a confident person with a minty-ish breath rather than drunk or high). 2-methyl-2-butanol is also more euphoric than ethanol, but with less side effects and no hangover. Second best alternative is abstinence.
I can't believe CBD (cannabidiol) is illlegal! I understand somewhat why THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is illegal, but CBD? CBD is harmless and is full of medical benefits! CBD has even been proved to be a nootropic(helpful to the brain). Thus, CBD only strands of cannabis is illegal. This seriously halts true research.
I don't understand why you would need an alternative to alcohol. It is so readily available and comes in so many different forms that surely you could find something that suited you?
tryptonaut a écrit :Alcohol is just a bad substitute itself. Nothing beats mdma as a party drug.
If I could control the world, mdma would be sold everywhere, nobody would need alcohol. And we would all have more fun, more party and more sex. Without all the alcohol violence! 8)

What a Brave New World it'd be...

And consider Kratom.
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is the point that must be reached." - Franz Kafka
Try out some Kava kava man its a good alternative
Drop acid not bombs! :+1:[SIZE=2]

Indeed! It would be a brave new world. Also with 2C-x chemicals(2C-I, 2C-D, 2C-C, ect.)
From this thread it looks like every drug can be substitute for alcohol. But pharmacologically I would look for drugs the closest in action of mechanism to alcohol.

the best would be diazepam when it comes to benzodiazepines, than of course ghb/gbl as said before. and third can be low dose of ketamine perhaps.
better to start off with some oxycodone,no?.

edit: was meant for kratom recommendationers.
Ethyl alcohol brainwashes people. The governments of the world are constantly encouraging people to drink. They use constant advertizing, fake studies on "heath benefits", and even other people encouraging you to "join the fun". It's their greatest brainwashing scheme of all! Why would anyone in the right mind want to be in a state of reduced awareness? While alternatives such as 2-methyl-2-butanol and chlorobutanol are not publicized. Alternatives which has more positive effects with little to no side effects, all while keeping memory and awareness of the experience intact.
Ethanol is deathanol!
The truth about alcohol! - YouTube
Is this post for real..i mean it is a great news than..are they being sold on lose..where can we buy them.?
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Maybe indanylaminopropane or a sub-psychedelic dose of 2C-C?
2-methyl-2-butanol is a readily available alternative to ethanol(alcohol). Though I'm not much of a downer person. I prefer uppers like prolintane! Prolintane knocks caffeine right out of the ball park!
Maybe GBL is an alternative?
Djones a écrit :I know Ghb is in some ways comparable to alcohol.
But I wonder if there are things which could replace alcohol.
I'm not seeking something which is very much alike, but just something which is equal in terms of fun and such, but without the negative effects of alcohol.

No doubts: Phenibut.

Better starting at 500 mg, slowly going to a maximum of 2 grams after time of use.

Never use more than 2 times a week.

Withdrawal is very heavy, but if you use it responsibly, it is awesome with a long lasting effect.
DeniseByford a écrit :the alternative of alcohol could be a tobacco. it also kills but has less number of risk when compared to alcohol

And firearms?
I guess it depends on what you want from the alcohol when you consume it. If you drink alcohol to party with other people I guess a good substitute drug would be MDMA. If you drink alcohol to ease your mind or against boredom, a good substite would be cannabis. I'd say both are better substitues.
No personal experience, but have a read of these:
I find MDMA on it's own doesn't give the same confident feeling you get with booze so I usually combine the two but not too much alcohol before else I lose my memory.

LSD gives me a similar happy/confident feeling to alcohol so I candy-flip as well.
i had tight of water when i was drinking... surely not hung over though from it.

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