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22 Juil 2008
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allusion - did you read my post? You asked about that link some time ago


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14 Nov 2006
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finally got around to reading that pdf. i have to say, i am not surprised by much other than the fact we cleared up earlier, about their being dmt in urine.. brain interactions are waaay too complex to rely on ONE neurotransmitter to be the "cause" for something. this much was already obvious to me. thanks though


17 Juin 2010
the main stumbling block for those trying to meditate is they try to meditate. meditation is what happens when you stop thinking. it is a state of being, not doing.
tree posture, or rizu zen is possibly the most effective meditation technique for those who cant stop thinking when they attempt meditation. in stead of trying to meditate you try to stand in the tree posture as long as possible. the meditative state comes as a natural by-product, whether you like it or not


Glandeuse pinéale
4 Mai 2010
BananaPancake a dit:
if this is not enough occupation for now, you can also try this:
sit normal, with a straight back and relaxed (as with most meditations). if you have troubles sitting straight, you can sit on a pillow, it helps.

think Sa Ta Na Ma.
make fists, and put your thumbs under your fingers.
with Sa you press your index finger on your thumb
with Ta you press your middle finger on your thumb
with Na, you press your ring finger on your thumb
with Ma, you press your little finger on your thumb

in kundalini yoga, this is a meditation for protection against negativity of other people. you can do this as long as you wish to.

really sing those mantras into your body, sing them into the depths of yourself. (in your mind, not physically singing - for that there are other techniques, of which I'm honestly not very fond because there always are people around me and I'm really a bad singer :P )

aw, sorry about the OT but that "Sa Ta Na Ma" keeps me reminding of Satan lol
Appreciated your advices though :) thanks!


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8 Juin 2006
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lol, then better abstain from doing that one.


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14 Nov 2006
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when you expel the breath/release the negative enrgy, you are making room for the positive to fill you. it's at this point that the positive energy/fresh breath comes rushing into you; you didn't have to force it, it just comes when you do the complimentary action. likewise, take in a really deep breath and you will have to release it. it's a cycle. it shows impermanence of conditions. ebb and flow. without one, the other fails to exist at all

so, that is to say that it is not about releasing negative energy, anymore than it is about recieving positive energy. it's both, perpetuating each other. to exclude one is to make the experience sound like your using energy to do it, reaching for something. but you're not. you are simply allowing it to come to you. small errors in thinking make the concept seem alot more strenuous than what it is supposed to be. which is the opposite! :D


Meditation is also a form of exercise. It is best way for mind relaxation. Meditation greatly helpful for removing the stress and depression...

Rising Spirit

Matrice périnatale
11 Mar 2011
I try so hard almost every day to do this.. And it seems like I'm making no progress at all... I will literally sit there for like 30 minutes and I just can't concentrate.. I start thinking about everything and then my mind can't shut up.. Is there any way to meditate with your mind still going?

37 years ago, when I began the unfolding process of embracing meditation as a practice, my mental state was even more hectic, chaotic and restless than you describe about your own internal turbulence. Eventually, meditation changes everything. There is no quick fix, no shortcut or fast route to inner peace. Just accept that the evolution you will go through on your journey, will literally take a lifetime to assimilate into ultimate liberation. So what's the problem with organically growing into the method, as a living presence in your dream of mortality? Nothing worthwhile is attained without effort and continual redirection of our awareness and mental intention.

I can tell you this, what I thought was an uncontrollable monster (my mind), has slowly been trained to behave and function on command and not on it's own impulses. Meaning? You will get there, friend. To consciously change any little thing about our personality is a huge challenge. Many forces have come into play, which combine to shape the way in which we perceive the world about us... the very universe we are situated smack-dab in the middle of.

When we embark upon the path of enlightenment or at least of a centered, balanced state of mind, we MUST come to accept that what was developed over a considerable length of training, takes some unpleasant work to willfully reorient our behavior. The practice is both, the method and the goal. We are forevermore tuning ourselves to expand our awareness and SEE beyond the appearance of things. This is a undeniably a huge commitment and it doesn't occur instantly, it requires devotion and strength of heart.

But then again, who doesn't truly want to pierce through the illusion of ego and be free of any self-imposed mental bondage, given half a chance to experience more that just "reality", as we have been conditioned to perceive it? See the forest from the trees and surrender to the training that you must undergo. I can testify that decades from now, you will be grateful that you began this voyage of Self Realization. It is my greatest treasure and my constant companion, the meditative vibration. It is a joy to practice such a method of attunement.

The journey is in fact, the destination, so have faith that you will become centered and experience inner tranquility. It is our most natural state of being and paradoxically, we always seem to fall away form it, as we grow up and experience programming from multiple influences. Redirect your thought process and you will awaken into a new existence entirely. We are free if we choose to accept this cosmic birth right, this eternal truth, this timeless message of unity. :idea:

When we train ourselves to experience awareness without the clutter of thought forms, we are entering into a quiet fulcrum of mindfulness. When we tune our consciousness to the eternal, we gain some patience along the way. It's easy to say such a thing now but when I wore a younger man's cloths, I was impatient to achieve a state of pure enlightenment. I figured it would take me 10-20 years tops. Frankly, it take s only one tenth of a second if we are prepared to sacrifice our ego in the process. But realistically, give yourself a break, friend. The journey of a lifetime is initiated in one single step. correct? If you focus on the many steps it will take to arrive, yo will be a slave to the time-space continuum.

Relax and breathe. time is an unreal phenomenon and if you look deeper into it's nature, you will find that the infinite and the finite walk hand n' hand. You will come to find that your development of concentration will be as natural as your development for becoming a fully functioning cognitive being has been. Don't watch the clock, don't watch your mind. Steadfastly remind yourself that you are One with the Spirit of all existence and your rightful place is in a silent, clear and most transcendental level of being. I will guarantee you that a year from now, if you continue to train yourself in meditation, you will smile at the thought of this thread. :lol:

Ironically, it takes some time to undo the mental fixations we have grown to be so enslaved by. It also takes an equal amount of training to reverse this tendency. the rational mind is a wonderful servant, yet, it is a tyrannical overlord. Free yourself by remembering this one thing, when you are centered in the moment, you are fully in tune with the natural law of the godhead. The indivisible essence of what might be labeled as "The Truth", is what shatters our surface self identification to our present incarnation. Release this attachment and you will taste the nectar of infinity. Keep at your meditation until it becomes the fabric of your sentient persona.

Eventually you will come to know directly, what theologians and mystics have been searching for since time immemorial. You will become one with the present. It's all here and now. Spiritual freedom exists for each of us in this very moment of nowness. Take a big breath and release yourself into the eternal present. You'll do just fine. We all have to crawl, before we can run and eventually fly into the insubstantial realms beyond this temporal one. "Practice makes perfect." 8)

I did diphenhydramine a couple days ago, and THAT is meditating.. I think.. Well what that felt like to me was, when I closed my eyes I would have this random situation occur.. Like me talking to my mom or being at school or something. After awhile I could physically feel my eyes closed.. So I knew I was dreaming or something or just that it wasn't real.. And as I looked around, writing made no sense.. But I could actually SEE it on the back of my eye lids.. And I think that is what meditating is all about pretty much.. I don't know honestly because I try and try but I just can't do it.. Can someone help me more on meditating? I keep trying but I don't feel like I am getting anywhere..

Right. The use of entheogens is a potent way to experience the stopping of the mind. So doing, the individual acquires a level of no mind. Not a blank slate, rather, a field of complete spiritual receptivity, which merges with all that it encounters. Open and at one with all life. This is a Zen Buddhist concept and it implies being aware of having consciousness WITHOUT the engrossing thought process which usually imprisons us in the tangle of conceptual debris... what we consensually label as REALITY. The use of Sacred Medicines cause a brief enlightenment, so to speak. They cease our fixation of the surface of things and gifts us the perception of an interior existence to all the phenomenon. Obviously, they cannot grant enlightenment but they show us a glimpse into a world which is united in a homogeneity of energy and intention. What could be labeled as, The Divine Light. For is God is anything, God is awareness of being. Perhaps the awareness of having awareness? Paradoxically, psychedelics shatter our usual thought process and allow for a deeper glance into the essence of this phenomenon, existence. :shock:

We are One, despite the appearance of myriad aspects of individuated souls and their unique ways of self-expression. We are each ourselves, a glint in the eternal flame of supraconsciousness and each a reflection of the whole. Follow this insight with your daily meditation practice and I suspect you will find peace and contentment in the simplest of human endeavors. Patience is a must and before you know it.... you will taste the nectar of immortality, while experiencing the most mundane of activities. One step at a time, friend. OK? :wink:


Everyone has his own perception regarding this.The best time to reach trance would be just after you wake up and are still relaxed, or as you are going to bed. The thing I was trying to reach was putting my body to sleep without putting my mind to sleep. You lose feeling of your body and everything gets really heavy dependent on the level of trance you reach.