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life mentality pro scan minus false dichotomy agony functions


21 Juil 2007
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hmmm... not sure whether the title is the best one, but maybe anyone else went through phases of senseless self-torture or stupid shit like that and eventually mind and being refinement or so??? so yeah hmm if you ask me, i would say maybe for example also learn to judge, but also to not judge wisely so to say, because thoughts and judgements seem to go hand in hand in principle or so... can thoughts simply be thoughts, without being judgements at the same time???

i guess it's a stupid society trait in some sense, but there's some potential in it. can you stop thinking and at the same time still make judgements?? or conversely thinking without making judgements? is it good to combine or not combine judging and not judging with thinking and not thinking and what could that possibly mean? i am just saying in my own experience, scanning or so wasn't always good and i didn't like it mostly... i think there are not many people who do it the right way. personally, i don't really like robots and machines.. or rather.. i really hate them, but i don't like too stupid people in some sense also... not sure what would be a good way of saying that. on top of that i simply don't like people that are too rude...it's difficult to explain, but yeah instead of reducing yourselves like the TV idiots and the rat people often try to make people do, you can also empower yourselves. the thing with that is it takes some experience, a not too bad sense of intuition or so and a good heart feeling. in some sense it's simply the school of life and you can see people who can't let go of resentment and stuff like that, but it can be as simple as not buying into their stupid ego games so to say. it probably sounds easier said than done, but it can also be easier done than said and i think the trick is simply to peacefully practice free will power. it's mostly better to be nice, but people should be aware that self-defence is allowed. maybe that should be more a no-brainer for more people. also a good self-awareness is what can help. looking at yourself or at others and simply knowing by really seeing. maybe you know what i mean... there's a saying that you can view life for example through colored glasses or so. it's possibly something a bit advanced, because you can fool yourself like that also. maybe sometimes it's better to not think "i know this or that for sure", but instead looking at it the other way round with a healthy portion of doubts. basically it's a lot about how people look at each other and how you look at yourself. or maybe a better way of saying that could be to which people pay attention and to which people better not pay so much attention or maybe sometimes pay attention and sometimes not... i think it's simply about being more or less nice to yourself and to others... i guess probably many of you know the saying: "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

i would say that's basically a wise saying regarding life. but then possibly some questions arise like for example what if the others are crazy or what if what they like you don't like or what they think is good you don't think is good?? such questions can't be answered without thinking sometimes more sometimes less deeply or so about yourself and others and life generally and/or specifically.. in my opinion it seems to me the phrase could be a bit a pointer towards what real spirituality possibly is about. how people look at each other, but also themselves... basically...

that being said i am aware that the topic may seem a bit strange, but it's also based on observing my own life experience a little bit. it seems to me i just can't formulate it very well with words.. moreover i just want that people can think properly for themselves so they can't be tricked in bad ways by governments and corporations or stupid people or so. basically we don't like people who try to enforce their stupid shit at all and want that normal/ordinary people can see thru life a little bit easier and more naturally. i know this sort of topic has been repeating in some sense, but maybe it's sort of a conclusion now. it's about real peace ....

i suppose it's obviously something a bit mental in some sense or so.. so maybe think about mental excercises and judge and/or don't judge them in a good way!!! maybe for example cells are so small, right? but maybe there are indirect ways to feel or become aware of cells?? or maybe the mental aspect of cells? no, cells are probably way too small.... damn, i don't really know.... hmm btw i put this topic into this section of the forum, because i thought it could be a bit like meditation or connected to meditation. however i still have to think more deeply about it yet.
i am just saying this because i am hoping for a maybe even psychonautical healthy common sense impulse or so...lol... the point is that we are living beings and not machines!!!... :roll:
and as i said, i don't know whether the title of the topic is the best one... i would say the topic is about avoiding to be a victim, while still being a nice person.

i mean like... it's good to be able to see both sides of the coin so to say, but not become too entrapped if at all in this mode/sort of thinking or others. well yeah of course life mentality is something quite elemental/basic and can also change. it's definately something that can be done wrong, so for example just because you learned something doesn't have to mean that it's good...
another important idea is that normally people should say or show when they are disturbed or bothered. if they don't say that i would say it's better to notice that and to at least try to give a good signal to them.
hopefully more and more people will be sick of all the stupid ego games and dramas....
if you didn't get it by now... my opinion is that scanning is just wrong...



19 Mai 2015
this is very jumbled and discombobulated... my eyes melted into the keyboard half way down the page [not personal, just technical] read this jungle crossection again, pick your leaves and put them on display with care no one least of all a noob like me wants to see this hullabaloo thrown about, your thoughts seem intelligent but tangled like wild ivy

(sry got intense just trying to get to 20 posts)


Sale drogué·e
20 Juil 2013
I don,t understand where this post is going. It,s very jumbled indeed and does not come to a point.

What i do know is that i have become sick of the ego games and the dramas years ago.

The questions is: what do you want. Who do you want to be. Who are you.
And when you get this clear start working on it.