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Kundalini yoga


27 Nov 2011
Haha, that's funny. :D


Matrice périnatale
29 Juin 2015
Look, I can tell you what i've sawn in my practice and past psychedelic trips.Even now, when I focus I feel this vibrating and pulsating energy in my stomach.It just requires concentration. I don't know if this energy is supposed to be normally activated.From what I've read, it isn't. When I used LSD an Cannabis I turned this shit inside of me without notice. And it is called kundalini.I'm begining to practice meditation but I get a feeling that once this energy is felt, you can focus on it and make it rise and grow through every cell of your body.It is an amazing and joyful feeling :lol: Like an internal orgasm. You probably heard that a lot of times. But intense meditation practice is what makes this possible.Meditation is not only when you are sitting in lotus position. Also in every day life. When you wake up and do things and talk to othr people. This practice will naturally wake the sacred serpent.

om love

Matrice périnatale
30 Mai 2016
Kundalini yoga is great however you have to be prepared for it.

First, it is important that you understand that this type of yoga is more pointed
toward spiritual development than physical benefits.

Second you need to be aware that it is very powerful.
It's mission is to wake up the kundalini energy that will lead toward expanded
consciousness and accelerated spiritual development.
In order for this to happen you need to prepare yourself.
That means you need to prepare your body and your character because
your system needs purification in order to handle powerful kundalini energy.

One more thing to be aware of.
Not all kundalini yoga practices are the same.
Some are safe and some are dangerous.
So make sure to find good teachers!

All in all very good spiritual technique
but you have to have good information
how to practice it properly


22 Avr 2017
I was wondering the same thing. I think I will find a decent youtube video, try a few poses, and see how my soul and body will respond. Probably a safe method ;)


Matrice périnatale
7 Juin 2017
This is what I've learned from my teacher, I'm also not 100% sure about what he said but still it is interesting to share: my teacher said that Kundalini is actually the final and most powerful chakra point in a body, it located near the chest. However, he said by all mean do not try to learn it. When opened Kundalini, it will dramatically increase body heat which surpasses human's limit, and so becoming crazy or even death is possible.
That's what I hear, but it sounds really scary.