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having to relax vs wanting to relax


21 Juil 2007
5 922
well, i guess i thought of opening this topic, because it seems to me it's a common life problem and because relaxing is so important. i do know that it has often been talked about, but maybe and of course hopefully it doesn't do any bad to try to formulate it a bit differently or so... i would say there should be a good solution that can more or less be formulated with words. now well hmm for example: what if one thinks "i have to relax, because i want to relax" or vice versa? how can the factor of putting oneself under pressure in a unhealthy way or so truly be avoided? maybe either totally wanting to relax or totally having to relax... lol... i don't know... maybe for some people it works when they think "i really have to relax now" and for others it works better when they think "i really want to relax now"... lol... don't get me wrong... just think about everyday life psychology shit.. not sure what's a good way of saying that... and also i guess it should be somewhat obvious how paradox it is to get more unrelaxed when trying to relax. personally, i had a problem with relaxing, because i was simply thinking too much... all the time thinking how to relax, instead of actually really relaxing... get the point?? now, so is the solution depending on the type of/or character or person or so to only have to relax or to only want to relax? or what about not wanting to relax or having to relax, but simply relaxing?? i hope you know what i mean! or moreover it's probably something which can't be really explained but more like it has to be learnt with experience.. like walking balance for example. i think it could be something with holding of the breath and probably how the subconscious handles the levels of tension or so. it seems to me it's something very helpful, to be able to let go of the stupid unnecessary tension in mind and body at will. think about it...

hmm well not totally sure right now, but remembering the buddhism quotes "life is suffering" and "desire leads to suffering". i know it's a bit a simplfication, but if i understood it right, in the end the solution is to do things the right way so to say....
i would say in this point, possibly for many people a middle way could be the best thing.
hence to desire in the right way and to not desire in the right way? i dunno lol... i guess it reminds me a bit of my experience with telekinesis... the harder i tried, the less i succeded. i really hope the conclusion is rather obvious... in tendency static energy vs rather flowing energy?? think of for example water and ice... or maybe stretching... hmm maybe something a bit like that and definately better more than less healthy common sense lol.. ;) 8)