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Do you believe meditation would be good to help lift depression and reduce my anxiety


Matrice périnatale
7 Juin 2017
I know this kinda late for this message but I felt it is necessary to give out my opinion though it could not be approved by many.
Personally for me meditating is good for depression lifting; however, it is absolutely not an easy task. I'm also used to under heavy depression, I tried meditation but thing is it didn't work. When I asked my teacher (he's master in psychology and Buddhism meditation), he said that meditation will require long time to get used to it. Because when we sit down and do nothing, we actually have to face ourselves and many various dark parts. He told that once he joined a meditation class and he saw a man. He couldn't even sit down properly and everytime he sat down, he was in serious pain although no one did anything to him. And so the meditation master said that it was the prove that he had to face his karma, he couldn't sit down due to his ignorance of himself. So therefore, meditation works, but that means we have to face and accept what is happening in our inner mind.
Many people may not agree and that's fine. Still, I hope this help somehow.