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Bikram Yoga


21 Fev 2011
Has anyone else tried Bikram Yoga? I have tried other forms of yoga and meditation and this is the best in my opinion.


Matrice périnatale
12 Nov 2011
Bikram Yoga is named after an internationally renowned teacher from India. Bikram Choudhury has instructed over three million students and was asked by the American Medical Association to bring Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga, as it is often called, to the United States in 1971.

This specific type of yoga is a routine that involves 26 different poses that work the entire body within 90 minutes. These poses work to return your body to a balanced state. Bikram Yoga builds flexibility, energy and stamina by using gravity, strength and a tourniquet technique. This technique uses the massaging, squeezing, and stretching of the internal organs to flush out the cardiovascular system. It also stimulates the nervous system to help release any deficient enzymes or hormones.
Benefits of Bikram Yoga

There are many benefits to Bikram Yoga. It regulates the cholesterol in the blood and help supply oxygen to parts of the body that were blocked. It can eliminate toxins by flushing out the lymphatic system. This in turn also helps strengthen the immune system and balance the endocrine glands. Overall, Bikram Yoga will also tone muscle, strengthen bones and the heart, and expand lung capacity.

Bikram Yoga is often referred to Hot Yoga and for good reason. Hot Yoga is performed in a warm room, between 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is done so the muscles of the body stretch much easier. Hot Yoga is great for beginners or the advanced yoga lover.

As we get older, muscles tend to get stiffer and there is more pressure on the joints. Regular stretching through the use of Bikram Yoga has a revitalizing effect. You'll notice an increase in energy and feel younger. Bikram Yoga helped a research team at the Tokyo University Hospital prove that yoga will regenerate tissue and can help with the symptoms of chronic diseases.

Bikram Yoga can be experienced by anyone, no matter their age or fitness level. Even if you feel you are not flexible, you can still practice Hot Yoga. It's an excellent way to relieve stress, promote relaxation, and add muscle tone, which can help you lost inches.