Your creative work, second edition
Those drawings are awesome! To me this is what abstract art should look like!

Hats off to you dude!
"You can always trust someone in search of the truth, but never trust one who claims to have found it"
IJC your style is wikid man, obvious graffiti influence, awesome linework and textures dude
Theres no path to peace, peace is the path.
Spiral out..

my second ever acrylic painting;
[Image: ilfullxfull313005080.jpg]
I'm not here to make someone else rich.
Art shop;
[Image: gjMc5.jpg]

[Image: HfDAP.jpg]
Nice pics, really diggin' the first one!

And IJesuschrist: nice painting! I like the coloring of those pebbles! Maybe you could've made the subtle lighting on those pebbles as if it was coming from that sun on top? But nice work!

Peace Big Grin
"You can always trust someone in search of the truth, but never trust one who claims to have found it"
just trying to bump this thread up coz i think its one of the best ones on the whole forum,
i'll share, this is something i wrote, i think, near the end of last year

This perplexed vexation has got me fixated upon,
the convex and concave, complex foundation that im on,
theres no remedy for thoughts and memories forever gone
do we straighten out the lines because the curves go on too long?
see i dont really seek the answers im just tracking down the question
i wonder if the things ive learnt really postulate as lessons

anyone else have anything??
Theres no path to peace, peace is the path.
Spiral out..
Hey guys. Long time.

When the stars come streaming,
You’ve gone to far
Or not enough,
Bring the Bizarre.

A laying of hands upon the sand,
We sit alone,
And stare out far,
All inspired and hand in hand.

The divine lets water,
Creep from the eyes,
A notion less often,
With bodies that fly.

Holding to roots,
The vortex above,
Let us escape,
Let us love.
I'm not here to make someone else rich.
Art shop;
Just discovered this awsome site, here's some visionary art of mine

[Image: visionoftheshaman3.jpg]
Vision of the shaman
30x40 cm oil on linnen

[Image: thefourthdimension.jpg]
Astral travelers
60x80 cm oil on linnen

[Image: visionrealmrepro.jpg]
Entering the visionary realm
70x90 cm oil on linnen

Visit my site for more art
Jesus christ your art is amazing! Have you thought of becoming an professional abstract painter.......
Yes, i'm working on it but i also do 3d animations like:
Journey through the inner worlds visionary psychedelic spiritual animation - YouTube[/URL]
Vision Quest - YouTube[/URL]

but thanks for the reply man great to hear you like it
Check out my art at
InfectedDNL - WOWOWOWOWW! SO GOOD!! AHhhhh!! Awesomee! If you'd like to trade a piece let me know - I have no money at the moment though.

Toogoodforyou - I thought about it, yeah. But it just wouldn't support me. I would love to delve further into abstractness though.
I'm not here to make someone else rich.
Art shop;
IJesusChrist a écrit :InfectedDNL - WOWOWOWOWW! SO GOOD!! AHhhhh!! Awesomee! If you'd like to trade a piece let me know - I have no money at the moment though.

Toogoodforyou - I thought about it, yeah. But it just wouldn't support me. I would love to delve further into abstractness though.

Heey thanks man! yeah, but think about it, my art is still realy cheap imagine what it would cost in a few years.... I also have litle ones from around 150 euro's (see my site) but cool youre interested thanks very much!
(you can also buy posters prints tshirts etc, here:
Check out my art at
WAaaaa sick!
the second two remind me a little of alex grey, thats a pretty good compliment i'd say
very very cool
Theres no path to peace, peace is the path.
Spiral out..
yea thanks man alex is a great master I'm very inspired by him.
Check out my art at
great job dear..the moon pic is the best of all..made me smile.. Smile i loced it...theses software like picassa have made things so easy to draw...i have a cousin who is making beautiful paintings...someday i'll upload them...there are technical talents all around us...
check this link >>> [B][URL=""]
I picked up photography more intensely again since I'm travelling. I put many photos on my tumblr: Wo aundas is aundas
going to be updated weekly or so in the next few months. (last set of photos was created during an lsd trip on new years/the day after Smile )

muchos saludos

[Image: tumblr_mg9qp5ZFPo1rka3auo1_1280.jpg]
hey!! wow what amazing works of art everybody... only commenting the last 2 pages now... but everything is somehow amazing... Heart keep meditating and/or expanding your consciousness!!! and then express it as art if you really have to!!!
psychonauts!!! thumbs up!! :+1: Smile

@ararat really good pictures man and great toilet lol... that proves my theory somewhat, world travelers people are cultivated people! Wink i think you got the zeitgeist right!! back to nature!!! you got your own way!! man how much i would love to go travelling as well again one time... but as always no money lol... Sad
anyway man... photography is a great skill... especially when you have psychonautic tendencies!!! we need more real and creative people. don't let mainstream idiots drag you down!!... but i don't really worry about that... you're a strong navigator of the mind. don't have the right words to say it now lol... pictures can often say so much more than words... Tongue Big Grin
documentation and inspiration... that's the way!! [Image: icon_question.gif]

@opiuchus yeah man word up!!! let's not buy the artificial crap and if many more people will get the good nature vibes then the artificial crap will go away in the sense that it will at least not be so invasive or so... i think in some times it's always stupid to not be a rebel or so...know what i mean... right? :?: Wink the question is how to be a rebel as a whole population... spread the good vibes and knowledge... down with retardism culture etc etc!!! :rock: after all the dehumanisation going on in so many places we need real humanisation!! we had enough of all the fake shit etc etc!! keep going!!

@VerusDeus listening to the music right now... seems to be really chilled plus soft/mellow but also deep and psychedelic... keep it up man!!! Smile
i mostly love philosophic music... because then i don't have to choose between philosophy or music... bad joke lol... anyway man nice stuff!!! Wink
inspired by some psychedelic material or ideas? lol nice... i like that... has a positive feeling to it.
btw also love the movie blueberry... indians have mostly great spirits, however sometimes they also have sad stories... it's just a different nature and basis for feeling for indians... they see themselves and their spirits in nature... well i guess it's all energy man.. positve culture energy ftw!! :+1: Smile

@ijc i mostly like your poems man... kind of deep but inspiring shit... i wonder whether it's more emotional or sentimental or so... and your paintings are just really great somehow...a bit freaky but also very crazy cool spaced out.. the acrylic painting is surreal... i can see you sometimes think about dimensions or travel into some crazy dimensions or so... i think it's cool as long as the fantasy is more natural than artificial. but yeah spaceship ideas can also be way fascinating lol... is it also introspection in the pictures? crazy shit lol... :lol: i guess if i could, maybe i would pay you with a certain hyperspace or hyperspice herb or so... joking a little bit... Smile i think in the end your message is a very positive one... dunno whether an interpretation of your pictures would take more than a page man... therefore maybe just ponder about the impact of science on your brain or something else on your own?? not really sure lol... Smile
what about a sci-fi movie or so??? Big Grin Wink

@infectednl really great and fascinating stuff man!! i love the subliminal beautiful mystery in the pictures... it's like a really fascating energy to it, but i can't really put it into words... a bit otherworldly but in a rather cool way. it's no real wonder to me that it appears to have a strangely peaceful feeling to it somehow... i guess we need more people with nice and good hyperspace or so in them... kind of like a very ancient but also a bit futuristic portal mind or mindset feeling... maybe you have a great and important mission on planet earth...a visionary figured out that there are many narrow minds and don't want to be like them and go such a way. seriously or/and jokingly... in some way it's all real...joking lol... anyway... i would say keep exploring your minds lol.. :question: Smile 8)

@Crimzen well good shit man... i guess as long as you know what things you have learnt or why you have learn them lol... joking... Big Grin... the question is do you want a remedy or not..? rhyme and time can be sublime, at times... get the point? :question: Wink
i guess i agree that memory and thought can be tricky brain functions Tongue :lol:
is it about random access memory, main storage, user memory or working storage/memory??? Wink
nothing is lost, but do you think the herb will smoke you, if you don't smoke it? hahahahahahaha... sorry a little bit bad joke... keep going man, be true to yourself!!! remember who you are if you forgot it!! Wink
that's the question... it's a lesson if it helps you and/or others somehow. it can be different but also similar or the same for others. yet i guess it's a very philosphical idea and we're all philosophers in our own ways. something like that. why lie when the beat is straight? i would say duck the beat if it becomes too beaty or edgy lol... Wink
not wanting to judge or anything.. :Oo: Tongue

@gammagoblin nice one!!! love it!! i somehow like the psychdelic vibe and it seems to have a shamanic/spiritual aspect/touch to it, too... the third or mind's eye, then two heads or maybe two sides of a face, but only one foot lol... death and life... houses... villages or cities... squared and round eyes? of course lol... kind of deep idea man... and hm lol is that a sea or river or a beach at the front of the feet??? :lol: reminds me a bit of the saying "from head to toe" or so... well i guess feet and heads can say a lot about persons, isn't it? i dunno lol... psychedelic geometry is just very often very fascinating.. like poetry or so... Smile
also it seems a bit like a puzzle in a way... birds flying (into the sun?) over an elephant that has a large right front foot which is the chin of a puzzled person or the other side of a puzzle person's face?? and the other face is blowing out smoke or fire?? puzzle people lol... tv and internet? way to go lol!!! Big Grin the neck seems a bit like an accordeon, but maybe i am wrong... the lower leg part is tricky... a mix of stretching and circling the joint, but probably also massage and possibly scraping... and strong recommendation to do walking meditation or maybe even running and also try some breathing meditations or holding the breath with focus on the feeling!! Wink
often the trick can be to try to remember how you felt your body as a child.. and why we feel different when we grow up... mind,body and soul... not exactly three stages, but also not exactly like mirrors? maybe beware of a certain kind of culture i guess... daydreaming only when it really feels good or so...know what i mean?
mind you gamma rays are high frequency energy! :finger: Wink decide yourself black, white or grey? just some ideas.... maybe take it with a pinch of salt! Smile

i'm so disgusted by the world of today.. Sad
Something I made last winter.
SWIMs 'blog' ; "Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating."
-Carl Von Clausewitz
i love the three Smile
​The best part about being alone is that you really don't have to answer to anybody. You do what you want
Here is one piece of mine! Live art doodle done at a show when feeling very meditative.
I have lots of art! The great visionary artists like Alex grey have really helped me figure out who I am. I'm also trying to get to my five posts so I can make a thread because I'm very new and I have lots of questions :b

Julia's Land by kaorishima on DeviantArt
My art is writing and music more then visual art.... I write a lot of books, but I also recently recorded some live acoustic songs I wrote about plant medicines:

One about Ayahuasca and one about mushrooms..... Both have the lyrics posted with the track too. I hope you enjoy!
Hey all!

I hope you're enjoying your day Smile.

I'm a psychedelic trance producer who is in the final stages of completing 6, 25-minute long psychedelic trance pieces.

While I would really like to head to shows and start playing for people, I realized that something I really value is hearing people's thoughts on the music I make--what they like, don't like, found particularly cool Wink, etc.

In this spirit, I'm looking for anybody who would like to be part of this creative process and share with me their thoughts on the music.

I plan on releasing these six tracks once I get them mastered and polished but, in the meantime, I thought I would share with you all the unmastered version so that you could, primarily, enjoy it Wink but also let me know what you thought.

Here's the first of the six:

If you would like to receive a free copy of all of the tracks once they are completed feel free to get in touch with me!

Always looking for people to share my music with Smile.

Hope you enjoy the tunes Smile.

Let me know what you think!
Track has been removed.. haven't found it on soundcloud. :rock::'(
Reality is far beyond human perception and intuition.

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