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Psychonaut sub-forum Vendors & Suppliers has been closed. It was a place dedicated to discussions by the users about only legal stuff selling smart-shops, and eventually advertising of sponsors of the forum. But it was not very active and subject to abuse. Also we feel that advertising from drugs selling companies, legal or not, is not really the main subject of the forum (even if ads pay the forum bills). Advertising, I think, do not go in the way of a harm reduction process so there shouldn't be a sub-forum about it. Also there was the problem of people trying to sell things that we can assume, could be illegal and put the forum in danger.

Seeing the pros and the cons, we feel that closing this part of the forum is better.

The main topic of the forum is products, their effects (trip reports and so on), and also harm reduction processes. But the mercantile part of drugs is, in my opinion, a devious subject.
Mes trips reports : The Death of Utopia, The Begining of the Dream

Le lâcher prise, c'est accepter de redevenir un enfant.
Ce qui importe avec l’expérience psychédélique, ou plus généralement spirituelle, ce n’est pas la vérité que l’on croit toucher du doigt, mais bien le chemin qu’elle nous fait parcourir sur notre rapport au soi, aux autres et à la vie.

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