Some positive news
It not only about financial and technical problems, there is also some positive news.

The community is growing rapidly, below you can find a graphic with the number of posts every month. We expect to exceed the 10,000 posts limit this month.

Every day around 10 new members subscribe. We have around 6,000 unique visitors daily opening a total of 75,000 pages. This is almost twice as much as a year ago.
Thanks , the graph is VERY interesting and encouraging . Its an advert for itself .
If in doubt double the dose

"Its hard to be humble , when you`re as great as i am"
Very good news indeed !
"Worst Case Scenario: You Die" [Scan].
10 new users each day! Fascinating.
"But in its true meaning, the sense of responsibility is something completely voluntary; it is my answer to the pronounced or unpronounced wanting of another human being. Feeling 'responsible' for someone else, means being able and ready to 'answer'" - Erich Fromm
Thanks , the graph is VERY interesting, Very good news indeed !

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