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San Pedro - to cook, or not to cook?

I've been reading so much on preparation of San Pedro cactus now - and everyone seems to say different things.

One tek says "cook for at least 8 hours, better 12 hours or even more"
The next one says "don't cook, it will lessen the effect and make it less visual"

What are your experiences with different preparation methods?

I have tried two methods so far, cooking for a little while in acidified water (like two hours) and then eating the whole stuff. Was really hard to do but the effect was more than I expected from only 15cm of relatively slim cactus.

The other I tried was cooking/simmering extensively with acidified water. The San Pedro was put in a mixer before, I cooked/simmered it for about 8 hours alltogether, now and then adding fresh (distilled) water. In the end I strained the pulp through cloth, cooked the remaining fluid to a drinkable amount. Was really easy to drink, no sickness at all.

With only two experiences I can't really say anything about the effectiveness of the methods. The cacti were totally different - the first was homegrown, the second one bought (a relatively fat 60cm piece, I used half of it).
What I can say is that the first trip, even it felt not as strong, was more spiritual, uplifting. The second seemed a little less spiritual and more sedating, but stronger (well, it was more cactus). But I also had different amounts of wine with each trip, so I really can't make a qualitative comment.

*edit* I have to add that I really like preparations where I don't have to eat any cactus material and drink as less as possible, because in my taste, San Pedro pulp with lemon juice not only smells, but also tastes like fresh puke. Literally! It's really hard to eat something that smells and tastes like fresh puke!
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Cook it as long as you can to reduce the amount of liquid to drink to a minimum. Just put it in a blender, add some water and cook it. Strain it and cook the remaining pulp again with some water, add the liquids together and cook it some more. This way you'll end up with a little shot of juice. Just boil it down as far as possible, but it might take some time.. this should not affect potency.
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I don't know how much you need for prep. by cooking? Low fire, three hours sound fine. You don't want burning, lot's of vaporisation of liquid with cacti tissue!? And bout any supplements! DO NOT USE THEM! BUNCH OF PROPAGANDA! Listen to guy who have used and prepared cacti that way! Why you need to be some kind of ice braking rabbit in lab? :wink:

Cook on low fire 3, OK 4 hours, watch for high evaporations.
First collect sludge, close your nostrils with fingers and eat it! But Pedro is not so bad! I experience it similar to mix of kiwi-apple-grip-apple pine. Not bad at all! Smile Wait one hour and than drink all tea-syrup at once.

I can't find better prep. and use?! Watch Discovery or National geographic documentary!!! :!: Download TABUU- DRUGS (or Altering mind drugs, something like that) There you can see how shaman prep. Pedro as Pedro is prep. for millenniums in Peru! No shit! 8) Good luck Happywide

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I'm gonna try again tonight, and this time I'm doing it like you say, Goran. This seems the logical way for the best effectiveness AND still good to eat.

I have been putting the cactus (30cm) in a mixer with some water, simmered it for 2 or 3 hours until there was a low amount of water left. Now I'm going to seperate the pulp from the water, eat the dry pulp (I think this is manageable) and then drink the remaining liquid.
It's not exactly like the shamans do because I used a mixer - but a mixer is just a mechanical tool, so I think it's ok to use it.
The Gnomes have learned a new way to say hoooray!
mixer or you can crush it with hands and primitive tools!? :wink:
Doesn't matter. And eat-drink sludge with some water. You do not want to strange yourself!

Yesterday I used 2 grams of Salvia 10X extract first time! I were hypocritical bout IT'S effect and also very arrogate! Man, praise to Gods for my friend who hold me after smoke! He has at first look at me like someone who is making false scene or playing jokes. After that he really got and see what is happening, he started to really believe that I am dead or dieing!
In fact I become 3 years old child riding mental snake of "everything", but I were individual that exists in flow of universal mind which doesn't except individuality. Jesus Christ!!!!! Mental snake riding by three year old child, frighted to the bones of his cells, but also excepting it, excepting that reality! Death in whole "feeling" which is transferring pictures and shows what I am, what I will be(after death), what we all are! What this explanation of "being" and "multi-universe" is??!!,
I am frighted even now cause that reality and doors to after death "life" were over sounded with word "communism"! I can't stand communism! I am individual being! I can not merge with universal thought with one goal! Now!, after Salvia smoke, I am truly afraid of dieing! Flow of communism snake shaped thoughts? No i AM NOT PART OF THAT!

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Seems like the hell of an experience on Salvia. I am hesitant to do Salvia again because it always makes me feel cold and hollow and pointless after the trip.

I took the San Pedro this night and it was a lot stronger and more spiritual than just drinking the water extract from 12 hours of cooking. Although I only managed to eat 3/4 of the pulp and drink the remaining water from the 2 hours cooking. I just couldn't get the rest of the pulp down - it already took me over an hour to consume.
It is now 13 hours and 30 minutes after beginn of consumption and I'm still kind of tripping with glassy eyes and large pupils...
The trip felt amazingly normal and clear, but in retrospect I begin to discover how deep I was already in...
The Gnomes have learned a new way to say hoooray!
Ok, I'm gonna try this method soon, think a 6inch SanPedro is going to be enough for desirable effects? It's weight is around 250-300g.
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I do not know for sure! I have tried once that amount and only light effect come out. 6inches? It is 15cm? Double that amount.
But it can work if your cacti has lived his life in southern states. Arizona, Texas, South Cal., New Mexico, etc. If you have THAT cacti, amount of alkaloids would be significantly higher in concentration!
Have Fun 8)

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Just raw man! Just cutt of the skin, add some water and blend it and drink it away on an empty stomach.
All I can say is that anyone who is asking this question, obviously hasn't tasted San Pedro. It is seriously one of the most horrible tasting things that I've ever ingested. I really don't know if I'd believe someone if they said that they ate a whole 12 inch cutting without cooking it down into a condensed drink.. I just wouldn't believe them. It tastes that bad.

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