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HighTechPleasures Saturday 07-05-2011

HighTechPleasures proudly presents:
It's Jonas fuckin birthday!

SpaceTribe - Olli Wisdom has been a pioneer of Psychedelic Trance for many years. In 1995, the first Space Tribe tracks were hatched in the studio with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen/Sphongle), and everything flowed from there. Olli is travelling all over the world, playing live at parties and bringing joy to the thousands of dancers who know exactly why they are there ,making him one of the most demanded artists around the world. Based out of Byron bay for many years he has now relocated to UK. Olli just released a re-master of some of his best tracks into a kickass compilation called Contiuum.

We have gotten a handful of promotional that we will give away at the end of this evening.

Orakel is a well known face in the Amsterdam party scene, that have been organising countless psy/goa parties over the last decade in and around the Amsterdam area.
Having strong roots in the hardcore scene has seen his style developed more into a strong psy direction over his several years on his shows through Europe.

SEKAS (SWE) aka Birthday-boy
Jonas started his carrier in 1999 following a dream to make thousands of people dance. In 2001 everything took a wild turn after being signed a one year contract with Good Karma Productions in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the gigs started rolling in. Jonas co-founded Scandinavian Trance Promotion together with Tobias Wiking which at it's peak hosted 120 artists and deejays. Jonas moved to Holland in 2005 where we will make sure to give him the best birthday ever made

We HAVE confirmation for one of our favourite deejays world wide and all time. The fact that he never played in Holland makes us extra proud to be able to present him on stage at this event. Wiking got Jonas into deejaying in 1998 and continued being his soul-influence during several years. Together they ran Scandinavian Trance Promotion for decade, travelled the world and this makes it extra exciting to once more re-unite on stage. Jonas and Wiking will be playing a back to back set.

More info soon

Kaleido - (BEL) - Waldfrieden

Bliepertronic (NED)

Trala Lama (NED)

Dj Plique (SWE)
DJ/Producer/Musician with quite a mixed background, including classical piano concerts, touring with an orchestra. Hosting a radio show for four years and several years of club management. Got into DJ:ing in the late nineties and has been playing a wide variety of styles and venues in both Sweden and Netherlands through the years.
Was housing the birthday boy during his first trembling months in Amsterdam, bromance at first sight.

Jimmy Psybration (BEL)
Jimmy is the flouro-genius behind the trippy tree's we all stared ourself blind at on Waldfrieden parties such as Wonderland Festival, High in dem May and Syvestika, not to speak of the countless parties around Belgium. With a brutal energy not seen in Amsterdam before he and his happy helpers will wrap the building into a psychedelic christmas-gift we are allowed to undress with out eyes.

We got ourself a cracking soundsystem (15kw), full color lasers,
an amazing venue and a handful of really good music a head of us. Let's make this an evening to remember!

Please remember this event will be PRESALE primarily, so op=op as they say in Holland.

Location : Lanx NieuweZijds Voorburgwal 167

Presale at:
Moondrop, Niewendijk 41-43, Amsterdam [moondrop.nl]
Alien Visitors, Zoutsteeg 13, [alien-visitors.nl]
Elements of Nature, Warmoestraat 54, Amsterdam


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