As psychonauts we are interrested in ways to explore the mind. One of these ways is to dream.

I opened this thread to explore the world of our dreams together. Tell us about your dreams. Do you dream often? Are you lucid in your dreams? Do you experience sleep paralysis? What do you dream about?

Tell us about your dreaming experience.
hey!! i think you are right... yeah, dreaming is a good way of exploring the mind.. and supposedly normally we only dream when we sleep, right??
anyway... personally, i can say my dreams mostly seem to be really confused fucked up shit. but sometimes it's seemingly also really deep, when i have time and luck or whatever you want to call it to remember my dreams. what is strange, is that i often seem to experience my dreams as a movie mostly simply watching the movie as if i can't do anything... it's a terrible feeling... so i keep finding myself trying to figure out indeed how to wake up in my dreams and maybe sometimes also how to dream in my real life..because my real life was really strange also... what is really what lol?? or something like that... :paranoid: :lol: :roll:
one thing is for example that i still wonder with some dreams whether it's only memories or whether it's "real dreams". but yeah, i don't know.. it's probably certainly a bit the clarity that i want to develop a bit more.
i mentioned it in another thread already, but i think it's worth to mention it again... however not sure whether i remember it right...anyway...sometimes terrence mc kenna said something like: "if we could always remember our dreams, we wouldn't need psychedelics"...
that makes me think of the idea/concept of pathways....
maybe i want to tell some dreams.. but i am not really sure now.. i guess i need to think a little bit more about it. maybe more later...

peace :weed:
i'm so disgusted by the world of today.. Sad
ah, dreams, well im here to tell you I miss my dreams of im the naked guy in film class and the lights are about to come on, ok! so I don't miss that dream , not so much! I dream about witches sometimes who float across the floor, scared the sh&t out of me, I take my seroquel about 400mgs and my dreams are less and distant...........I sometimes dream when im awake, when you just stare at nothing at all, and the old ladys screaming whats wrong with you? yes I still dream , and if im lucky at age 50 next year I will celebrate with various items, and dream again..............I like to push my dreams by trying to talk in the dream, or drive that cool car. hell yes I love to dream I guess, its about all I have left, most my friends wouldn't talk about their dreams, nice thread thanks 4 asking...............Finarfin!
i either dont dream very often or i never remember them but when i do there very weird and warped
Remembering dreams is hard. The memories fade and sometimes memories come back at you in a flashback later on the day.
My dreams are all very different. I sometimes become lucid in a dream. I sometimes have nightmare. I have experienced sleep paralysis a couple of times.
Sleep Paralysis can be terrifying. My experience with sleep paralysis was scary and interesting. At the beginning of the sleep paralysis it feels like your dreaming body is out of your normal body. A sort out of body experience. I try to use the lights. Because i am a dream body the lights won,t turn on. My dream body is walking around in the room. My real body is sleeping and can,t move. When i get back into my body i can,t open my eyes. I get stuck between sleeping and waking but can,t wake up. The scary part is where i get the feeling there is someone bad entering my house. You try to wake up to do the fight or flight response, and your body can,t move.
Lucid dreaming is very interesting. Becoming aware you are dreaming. It opens up all kinds of wonderful psychonautic ability,s.
If you can become lucid, it,s the most wonderful thing. Big Grin
Every morning i woke up with an unfinished dream and whenever i try to get at the start of the dream..it is simply impossible to do that.
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its interesting how we all are kind of searching in our dreams, trying to make things better as we putter around a dark room, or get into meeting someone in a dream- that we never get too meet in real life, I love to dream and the scary dark dreams , ones you might not share ...those dreams are wicked clown cool! I have also had dreams that never finish and I miss the outcome........
well maybe one possible question we might ask ourselves is when and how have the people started to separate dreams and reality. as if some sort of split personality should appear as normal or what??or something else.. i don't really know... a bit strange idea, but maybe modern people have somewhat unlearned to naturally perceive without filters of the mind. i mean like filters of the mind are basically supposedly an advancement, but as if the advancement can also become a hindrance. i guess i am just saying this, because i was sometimes shocked in my dreams, how my mind seemed to be filtering shit. however i would say it's not very good to underestimate your mind. the mind as a tool.. and you probably don't want that the tool turns the tables too much.. something like that lol...
btw i still can't remember my dreams very well, maybe i would also tell a dream or so... i seems like my dream mind is so different from my normal mind or whatever that is that it's sometimes not so easy to relate to myself... :Oo: :lol:
hmmm but i am finding good ways...

i'm so disgusted by the world of today.. Sad
Hey !
I never remember my dreams, NEVER sinc 6-7 years.
I smoke weed since 7-8 years and some friends told me it came from that (I really dont belive them)
Im pretty sure I m not the only one in this situation, anyone ?
Hey. I've read quite a bit about dreams and lucid dreaming, and i remember reading something about how smoking weed is linked to not remembering dreams. Smoking weed kinda turn off a certain part of your brain the same way watching TV would. I never or hardly remember anything from my dreams the morning after i've smoked. It's hard to keep away from it, and i'm telling that to myself but have a hard time not rolling joints because they are way easier than being healthy and practicing lucid dreaming. When you look at it, Lucid dreaming is the best high EVER ; The world you create is all to your imagination, and you can learn a lot from them. You can sail across the oceans on a boat that has a dragon tail and 200 friendly pirates in it, you can rock in a concert playing an instrument you've never touched before.... Everything's possible in that state. It's free, happens every night or so, you can learn a lot from it and its unhealthy. DAMN i need to work on it !!!
"If you're going nowhere, any road will lead you there"
I think Smoking weed makes dreams harder to remember. Some heavy smokers tend to get more dreams and often nightmares when they stop using cannabis. How long you sleep may also have to do with how good you remember your dreams and how much you dream.
I like to meditate on lucid dreams Smile After a while your dream dissolves and you just see light. It's a very positive state with awareness but very little thought. It has helped me get a new perspective on my thought patterns - it becomes clear that maybe I could just not have those negative thought patterns, and maybe sometimes just that perspective is enough to help create a shift.
Being an empath and being able to pick up on people's thoughts and feelings like they were my own I have wondered if perhaps I also pick up on other people's dreams when I am dreaming or if other people's dreams meld into my own. Sometimes I have dreams that are completely alien to me, people, places, things...Sometimes my dreams make absolutely no sense as they don't seem to be representations of my own psyche.
The dream world is a manipulation workplace of the devil and demons, when I was new to the faith(being a Christian), I labeled the dream world as the DDMP, Demonic Doubt Manipulation Platform because the devil seeks to thwart faith and accuse you of things to make you feel distanced from God with guilt and condemnation. If you are walking righteously with God it all becomes too obvious. Things you've never done or wanted to do, that are so foul the devil will try to set you up and make you feel awful about. Things like rape or theft etc. Hence the saying, no rest for the wicked.
i dont really dream alot more likely i have this nightmare and then i keep waking up
my dreams are always trippy like DMT but different when asleep

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