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10 hits of LSD Trip (Very Descriptive)

Ok so last week I was trippin 10 hits of acid in my friends basement. We ingested the acid around 5 pm. Well we felt strong effects at around 5:30 pm. So around then we took a pre-rolled J to a lush greenbelt near his townhouse (we rolled the joints before cuz we know we'd be pretty fucked up) anyways while we were medicating ourselves I kept hearing strange voices and sounds. When we finished the J I could tell i was high from the weed but the acid effects were really fucking kickin in. As we were walking back to his house i was so amazed by the beauty of the forest (I usually only trip outdoors because i like to use acid spiritually) I sat for about 25 minutes on the ground just staring at mother nature and the trees were dancing around me (this was pretty amazing) Well after i had got up i realized my friend was gone. So i kinda freaked (only for a sec though) so i just walked back to his house. As i entered his screen door his grandma asked me where i was. I told her something like i was enjoying the pleasures of life (how dumb i thought she was gonna say like i was on drugs but she didnt) So i looked around for the stairs leading to the basement (i had literally forgotten where they were) I finally found them I was walking down the stairs i started thinkin how fukd up i looked just looking for the stairs in front of his grandma lol. After i got downstairs i saw my friend laying on the ground just still as a rock. I began to panic he was dead so i went over and nudged him. He immediately flipped over and yelled "Y the fuck did you do that" I told him that i thought he was dead. He got really pissed though cuz apparently he was in his own mind or something like that. So he struggled to get up and then we both got on his couch. He flipped on the tv and thankfully he had dvds cuz there was nothin good on so he put in a Whitest Kids You Know disc. I remeber yelling fuck yes really loud (cuz WKUK is my favorite show) I really dont remember anything that happened after that in the dvd except during the dvd my trip intensified a shit load and the characters were melting in front of me and so was the room and my friend(i didnt freak cuz this has happened to me before) So later on (I really didnt know how long it had been my sense of time was gone as usual) my friend said we should go blaze in his bathroom. So i tried to remember where i put the J's and i found em in my backpack. So we took another one and went into his bathroom. We lit it up after about 4 hits in we heard somethin movin upstairs. My friend started freakin cuz if his grandma was up and she came down he'd be in alot of shit. So he shot out of the bathroom (leaving the door open on the way and i didnt notice) So i took another big hit and blew it into the air and then i realized the door was open and then my friend walked and started freakin even more cuz he said the whole basement reaked of weed. So he got like 2 cans of air freshner and went around the basement and danced around while he was spraying the air freshener. I started laughin my ass off cuz i thought this was fuuny as hell. After he was done he said we had to sneak out to go smoke more but his grandma was definately out for the night. So i got the J threw it with the rest in my backpack and locked my backpack (yes i have a lock on my back cuz cops cant open it without a warrant or good reasonable cause) So we went upstairs. As i was goin up the stairs i remebered this game my friends showed me a day before called F.E.A.R. 2 So out of the shadows i saw that scary ass girl come out at me. I was so scared i fell down like 3 stairs. My friend started laughing at me was tellin me like i was to fukd up (this pissed me off cuz i have had way more experience that any psychedelics than him) I gave him a really dirty look and he got scared i think cuz he backed up. After that awkward moment we unlocked his door and went into the beautiful night. I gazed up at the stars as we were walking and the stars were smiling at me and i just smiled to myself. I had no idea where my friend was taking me i had forgotten why i was even outside but i didn't really care since everything was so beautiful. We started going down the main street near a taco bell and the taco on the sign started saying my name i was just like wtf thats weird Finally after what felt like forever we were by a lake that i had never been to before. My friend told me to break out the weed but i felt like i was melting into the earth and becoming one with it. I wanted to experience this and i did for like a minute until my friend nudged me and i got pissed at him but i thought it was sorta payback for earlier so i blew it off. I went to go open my backpack and couldnt find the key (I still don't know were it went) So my friend told me just to break the lock. I struggled to but i did finally break it. I got out the half J we still had from his bathroom and lit it up. So after about 4 hits my eyes started to get water vision and i just thought to myself fuck im fucked. But i kept blazin after that J was done my friend told me to get the other 2 we had out and well just smoke 1 each. I told him i couldnt see for shit right then. He said he was haven the same problem. I just started feeling around with my hands everywhere until i found my backpack. When i got the J's out of em i couldn't tell which end i light up. I just guessed and now everytime i inhaled i felt everything getting blurrier but i still kept blazin. I didnt even know how much i had left but i started melting into the ground again and i let it happen. As i entered the earth i traveled to all the beautiful places i had been to like Japan, China, Argentina, and France. I was just floating from each country and i saw portraits of different countries and floated into them. I watched over the cities as all the people walked by. Then i went into space and i saw all the planets as i just flew past them. I went into a blackhole sorta thing and i was going super fast through it. When i got out of the blackhole i was in my fantasy world where theres was tons o f colorful flowers and trees I thought to myself i never want to leave. I explored my world for a while and i was just in awe. Then i felt something land on my stomach and i came out of my fantasy world and back into the real one. I looked down and there was a cute little bunny sitting in front of me. I began to talk softly to it and it just stared at me but i felt that it could understand what i was saying. It then scurried off and i was a little bit sad. I looked over at my friend and he was just lying there. My vision wasnt blurry anymore either. So knowing that he'd get pissed i let him lay there. I found my J and there was still like 3/4 of it left. So stupidly i lit it up. When there was barely any left i looked up at the sky and the stars were moving around very quickly. I then looked at the ground and it started to split in part i saw a huge crack splitting underneath me and i fell through( I literally felt like i was fallen through the earth) I was yelling my fucking head off until my friend shook me and asked what the fuck was happening i gave him a huge man hug (no homo) and told him he saved my life. He then pulled me up and said we better get out of their cuz i was yellin so loud i took him out of his world and probably attracted some unwanted attention. So all i can remember is i was stumbling over myself holding onto my friends shirt because i had no fukin clue were we were at and my vision was still kinda blurred. As we were about to get to his house i realized i didnt have my back pack. So we went back to the lake and got it. As we were walkin back again i looked at a street light then at the street and it was on fire. I avoided walking through it so i went to the opposite side of the street. Then I suddenly was at my friends house i had blacked out i guess. When we went back downstairs i looked at the clock and it was only 1am. I knew we still had hours of tripping left but i was cool with this. I don't really remember much after this except i went on another journey through earth but it was quite different. I also remember going to take a shower and i turned the lights off and when i turned the water on and fireworks of colors appeared before me. After i had taken the shower i turned the lights on dried off and looked myself in the mirror. My skin was melting off me but i didn't care anymore after that falling experience i wasn't afraid of anything. After watching my skin melt i looked up at the ceiling and saw little tiny rats crawling all over it. When i went out of the bathroom i saw my friend at his computer just swaying to the beat of dubstep. I just layed on his couch and listened to the dubstep and let myself go thats all i pretty much remember of that night. My shower though was like a full hour. The next day my friend said he tripped serious balls and he didnt want to do it again for a while. I told him i did to but i still wanted to do it next week all over again. So overall my trip was a A minus on the fun scale. Every time i've tripped after that i have never had the falling experience so i dont know what was up with that. My friend told me though when he was at the lake he was talking to all of his dead relatives and he just went to some elf world where he was a small little elf. But he said his trip was pretty scary and thats why he didnt want to do it for a while. But yeah this was my most intense trip on LSD so far.
You don't really know what life's about until you've entered the divine(Divine Moments of Truth)
yeah so if anyone has similar trips or evening the falling experience please share because that still creeps me out
You don't really know what life's about until you've entered the divine(Divine Moments of Truth)
THC Dawg a écrit :
yeah so if anyone has similar trips or evening the falling experience please share because that still creeps me out

I had two blotters a few months ago and things were going really well. There were 3 of us, one of which wasn't going to be tripping with us. Which is very fortunate, seen as how things went...

I had my first one and then enjoyed everything I got from that and decided to take a second one a few hours later. I'm an outdoors person and quite like the idea of going out and enjoying life and nature, so the beach seemed like a good option.

At around 8PM, we called a taxi to drop us off at the beach and on arrival began to roll a jay (well, I didn't... I was far too gone at this point - but in a nice, fun and childish way, playing with the stones and loving the view) and it eventually got lit and passed on to me. I only had two or three puffs before passing it on and within a minute or so, I started to feel very odd and tried to stand up.

On standing up, my perception of time became terribly distorted and I felt I was repeating myself and that time was going stupidly slowly and began to panic and tell the other two (not exactly making sense, but clearly worrying) that I was starting to fall into the depths of a bad trip.

I don't really remember too much after this point, except my legs became wobbly and my friends knew it was best to get me home and calm me down on the way to a location a taxi could pick us up from. One was on the phone and panicking himself (and he wasn't even on anything >__<") and the other was directing me (and starting to panic too, causing him to trip out a fair bit) to where we would meet the taxi.

I can't really describe what I felt at all but my feelings, emotions... just about everything was mashed up and confusing. I was screaming and crying from these feelings and I think I kept seeing things too. Once the taxi had arrived, I managed to pull myself together for a while. I mean, if this was the real world... I owed it to my friends to sober the fuck up and act as normal as I could for the duration of this ride. And I did just that.

Getting out of the taxi... I don't remember that one bit but I must have gotten out and made it up the stairs and into the living room of my friend's flat alright. Until I fell further into this bad trip and started to get even worse.

I started screaming, crying... all sorts. I remember turning into a glowing orb and floating around my body. Becoming my heart, my mouth and a few other things. My mouth was dry and I kept asking for water and feeling like I was going to throw my insides up. I remember feeling like I was being operated on and that my friends and family were around me, watching and crying as I was crying myself and dying in a hospital bed (strangely enough, doctors were using a knife to cut into me and I'm not entirely sure why I would think this). I was calling out, telling my friends I loved them (and all other crazy things; I thought I was going to die for sure - no reasonable explaination for why I would die... but my heart rate felt stupidly fast and my brain felt like it was going to explode from not being able to cope with thinking thousands of thoughts per second) and all this madness lasted for well over 4 hours.

I quoted your post for this section, though, THC Dawg: I felt like I was sinking into the bed I was lying on (makeshift bed on the living room floor made from the couch cushions) and died well over a hundred times, over the course of my trip. It was also at this point that I turned into the previously mentioned 'glowing orb'. It's a shame I don't remember enough of it, as this kind of experience interests me so much...

Quoted from my friend: 'That was hell. Definately the worst time of my life. I hope it was worth it...'
(At the time, no it was fucking hell. Afterwards, it's something I can appreciate. After I've been put through it, I can look back and say it was definately an experience and a half and I'm glad it happened. Glad I did it with those guys, yet sorry I put them through about 12 hours of pure madness!)

Well, there you have a pretty detailed summary of my trip and that was only the main parts but I shalln't bore you guys with the rest Smile
dude on a hit of dmt. a GIANT hit.
it was like falling but it was quite the opposite
like i was on my matress and it was shooting up into the sky, with egyptian symbols and my room coming alive and grabbing at my face.

alot faster than lsd but i would lovvve some lucy. kinda scarce around here
High is the way but our eyes are upon the ground
~10,000 days
that shit sounds just like me and my homies ccccccccccccoooooooooolllllllllllllllllllll cool as shit
I have been waiting for a good acid trip report post for months! I really enjoyed reading this, and couldn't help laughing on several occasions because of the things I think I can relate to.

Rolling those joints before you took the acid was a genius idea... last time it took me half an hour to roll this horrible looking joint, when I was hours into my trip (280 microgrammes, not sure if it was LSD-25 or LSZ).

And having Alma, the FEAR 2 girl in your trip, DAAAAMN SON! I'm glad it didn't persist and have her chase you around for what might have seemed like hours on end. She reminds me of those 2 creepy girls from The Ring and The Grudge. Both being my first 2 horror movies when I was a kid, I must admit that its left some mental scars into me, some really deep fear that I hope the acid won't be playing with in my next trips.

I'm glad you had such a powerful re-connection experience with nature, that's one of my favourite things to do on acid.
I would love to trip with you someday, message me if you ever plan on coming down to London in the UK!
Peace, and thank again for sharing your trip with us Wink
- Alex
The serpent's eyes, have seen many days
And he tells us not to fear

I wake in the morning, with thoughts of your face
Shining through my eyes
Like days of love, and light rain down
I write an 1000ug trip report. Please, read it!

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