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Yup, we we're hacked...



Hello fellow psychonauts,

Some dude from Egypt decided that he would have a great day if he injected a webshell into our vbulletin installation using some public exploits. This was possible because we did not run the latest patch. Thankfully we have moderators with a keen eye, so he was discovered quite quickly.

It seems that he didn't know what to do with his new found access after he was in though, so we think that no data was stolen. However, we can never be sure, so if you used your psychonaut password on other sites as well, please change your passwords on those sites.

Our server needed an upgrade anyway, so we switched to a brand new server and are running the latest vbulletin patch again, from now on we will keep a closer eye on new patches to prevent this from happening again.

Let the mods know if you run into any issues.

~ Your trusty sysadmin


Holofractale de l'hypervérité
14 Jan 2006
14 944
You need to get a competent person to install sensible software for you .

The PHPBB site was fucked first by the person that put the joomla bridge in . It left 1 critical hole and 6 or 7 serious holes in it . The site was open like a barn door .

I PMd administrators and offered to explain what the problem was and how to fix it . It could have been done in one afternoon with no problems and no cost . They ignored me .

Then you downgraded to the obsolete vbulletin a pay software . Obsolete because the developers have moved from vbulletin and have now set up another organisation makeing better forum software .

The setup of this site allows people to see other peoples " private " messages unless the user prevents it . Question ....... do the members know that . I seriously doubt it as i keep seeing PRIVATE messages containing things that should not be public .

Then you payed for SEO software . SEO is internet esoterics . It is a physical imposibility that it can help anyone . And a site the size of this wouldnt need it even if it did work .

Then someone forgot to update the software ..... allthough all the forum software i know informs the site thats it needs updateing when an update is available .

The conclusion is that someone somewhere is listening to computer and internet morons and thats the reason for all the problems that this site has had with software and hackers .


Psycho disparu·e
22 Jan 2013
I can help u if u want, i'm an IT Manager

piou piou

Holofractale de l'hypervérité
7 Fev 2012
1 309
@MushRocks: If you were a random user, would you like to see some random "IT manager" getting an access to the DB ? No offense huh !

@Admin, thank you "my trusty sysadmin" trolololo :roll: