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tops basic meditation techniques

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The present day world is filled with ailments and several other health related concerns. The increase in population, deforestation etc has lead to the pollution of land, water and air. These factors are the major ones contributing to the cause of several health related concerns in both human beings and animals. Most of the present day masses, have realized the fact that prevention of these ailments is always better than trying to cure it ones it affects them. When it comes to preventing these ailments or health related issues most of them choose natural remedies like meditation. Today, you have several meditation techniques that can be utilized for living a happy and healthy life. There are some basic meditation techniques that are worth learning about when you are a newbie to the concept of meditation.
Yoga is one of the basic and important meditation techniques that you should be aware off. Such a technique helps you to refresh your mind, body and soul. The art of yoga is regarded as one of the popular medication techniques and you find it being practiced by majority of the present day masses. One of the other basic meditation techniques is guided meditation. Such a technique is regarded as a simple one, where you are expected to follow the instructions of a guru while a light music is played on the background. You generally get DVDs or videos related to such meditation. Zen meditation is another one of the popular basic meditation techniques, such a meditation is designed in such a way so as to divert or channel the practitioner’s concentration into his/her breathing. This could help them to circulate a well oxygenated blood throughout their body thereby making the mind and the body calm.


Matrice périnatale
24 Juil 2017
Meditation benefits your body, mind, and spirit. Meditation can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol. Once you practice meditation, you’ll develop preferences customized for your own mind and body.


10 Juil 2017
I do agree! Meditation will give us a peace of mind..