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Sandy Hurricane


Elfe Mécanique
15 Sept 2012
So I do hope that everyone who is from USA on this forum is safe and sound from Sandy. I was just watching an update on the internet and it was horrible really. They say that even though the hurricane is gone, yet its after effects will remain there for a long time to come. Over 13 states in USA have been badly affected by USA; the two worst states being the NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY. People in the NEW JERSEY are living in shelters. Most of the schools have been converted to make-shift shelters. More than 6 million people still don't have any electricity, water, food and basic necessities of life. OMG, this is all so horrifying. :-|


21 Juil 2007
5 922
fucking shit!!! :?: :Oo::Oo::Oo::tear::tear:... nature fights back ... how can it dare to do that, right???... i think it's just really sad that it always hits so many innocent people, but still.. i don't know whether it's the best way to say it or so... my speculation is that it's maybe a bit like in the army... when someone does a mistake... the whole team has to suffer for it.
because maybe we're here to learn... and i don't know whether hurricanes are the best example as results, but in my opinion the planet has been made sick by the humans.
well don't get me wrong... i just think the spirit of nature that is behind all the things or so etc etc is and has been disrespected a lot... and that this can have more consequences that we may have think... maybe there are signs, too, but we don't see them because of so much ignorance etc etc... and it's like after so much talking etc etc you can't find the words, because it's too shocking and terrifying... :retard: :( :?

hmm... sorry i just read again what i wrote... i guess i didn't want to give a standard answer.. not sure actually whether everything i wrote fits to this topic. i just wanted to say that nature is alive and can feel in its own way. or something like that... so again sorry i didn't want to disrespect anyone or play the catastrophe down or anything!!... :'( it's terrible.



Elfe Mécanique
9 Nov 2012
Well, this happened a long time ago, but the actual results are still being dealt with... The mainstream media isn't reporting on it, as it's not "important" anymore. Many people are homeless, or will soon be because the insurance won't cover the flooding.. Same thing happened with Hurricane Katrina. They even booted the people out of the shelters they had to go find other accommodations... The mayor even denied help... It's a real mess...

And they aren't reporting on it... They would rather report on violence in the middle east, and not focus on their issues in their own back yard... Such an ass backwards way of thinking....