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[Report] MDMA & nitrous oxide


Holofractale de l'hypervérité
8 Mai 2006
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Setting: At home, 5 closest friends.
Mood: Awesome, as always anxious prior to ingesting alien chemicals into my body.

This happened a few months ago. I won't write about the entire experience as MDMA experiences always tend to be quite alike, in that they are awesome. At the end of the night though, something happened, that I wasn't expecting.

We all had taken around 300mg of MDMA that night, spread out over 6 hours or so. We were all transferring energy, by holding hands and such. It's awesome they way you can manipulate your body's energy with MDMA and take or give it to somebody else. Even people who are not on MDMA can feel the energy flow, it's one of my favourite activities.

I decided to do 2 n2o cartridges, I filled a balloon with them. I had done n2o prior to this event, combined with MDMA and I find the effects quite interesting. It's like a tingly superb body sensation, lasting 30 seconds. I inhaled the balloon and without noticing it I trancended into another space. I woke up a minute later with all my friends looking at me. I had no idea why they were looking at me. After 10 seconds orso I saw one the cartridges and it all came back to me: I had inhaled the n2o. I was baffled by the experience, as it never happened before. All my friends said they felt I left the room and came back when I opened my eyes. I couldn't tell them where I had been. it's the major disadvantage of n2o, you always forget what happened during the short but intense "trip".

I wasn't too enthousiastic to try it again, because I wasn't sure whether to embrace the experience or whether to forget about it and enjoy the rest of the evening. Curious I am, I decided to do 2 cartridges again, whilst holding my best friends hands. I inhaled, quickly held hands and drifted ofto that space again. When I opened my eyes again, I had the same effects as before. Everybody was looking at me and it took me some time before I knew where I was and why I was there. My friend told me the energy stopped flowing completely when I exhaled the last of the n2o, I was a complete tabula rasa to him. The flow of energy came back few seconds before I opened my eyes. It was an absolute ego death.

Just thought I'd share this experience with you guys, now knowing what to do with it, but share it on the forum. :)



Holofractale de l'hypervérité
14 Jan 2006
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I would like to hear from you what you learned from your experience please ?

"It was an absolute ego death. "

No , it wasnt , it was unconsciousness .

Love GOD