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Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research 2016, 3 - 5 June, Amsterdam


12 Jan 2009
The Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics Research 2016 is the third scientific conference on research into psychedelics organised by the OPEN Foundation.

This interdisciplinary conference will gather and connect experts from various academic fields, covering neurosciences, psychopharmacology, philosophy, social sciences, and many others. Special attention will be paid to novel approaches for psychiatry, making this an innovative and informative conference, at the cutting edge of scientific progress.

During this three-day event, international researchers will present their latest results and advances in scientific research on psychedelic substances including psilocybin, LSD, ayahuasca, ibogaine, ketamine and MDMA.

Confirmed speakers:

William A. Richards, PhD
Roland R. Griffiths, PhD
Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD
Nese Devenot, PhD
Rick Doblin, PhD
Marcela Ot'alora, MA
Ben Sessa, PhD
Bia Labate, PhD
Kennethe Tupper, PhD
Alexander Belser, PhD (Cand.)
Draulio Barros de Araújo, PhD
Jordi Riba, PhD
Henk Barendregt, PhD
Adele Lafrance Robinson, PhD
Elizabeth Nielson, PhD
Mendel Kaelen, PhD (cand.)
Kim P.C. Kuypers, PhD
Albert Dahan, MD
Alicia Danforth, PhD
Jeffrey Guss, MD
Matthias Liechti, MD
Toine Pieters, PhD
Pieter Lemmens, PhD
David Luke, PhD
Tobias Buchborn, PhD (cand.)
Matthew Clark, PhD
Levante Móró, PhD (cand.)
Leor Roseman, PhD (cand.)
Patrick Dolder, PhD (cand.)
Katie Anderson, PhD (Cand.)
Christopher Timmermann, PhD (Cand.)
Jonathan Hobbs, MSc
Tarik Najeddine, MA
Patrick Everitt, MSc
Mauricio Diament, MD
Helle Kaasik, MA
Aleksandra Gracjasz, BA
Ben de Loenen, MA
Susanna Prepeliczay, PhD (Cand.)
Timo Torsten Schmidt, MSc
Peter Sjösted-Hughes, PhD (Cand.)
Andrea Langlois, MA
Sarit Hashkes, BSc
Jacob Foerster, PhD (Cand.)
Roman Paškulin, PhD

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