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Hive full Archives are now available.....at Erowid


Matrice périnatale
22 Déc 2008
We have just launched The Hive Archive, the original and complete mirror of the Hive forum at Erowid under https://the-hive.archive.erowid.org.

The Hive was an influential web forum discussing the chemistry of mind-altering compounds that was started in 1997 and attracted a vibrant international community of more than 8,500 active users until it went offline by the end of 2004 at about half a million posts. The forum was taken offline in 2004 when the hosting company was sold and the admins would no longer have direct physical access to the server. There were several attempts to bring the forum back online over the years, with plans on using elaborate network tunneling and proxy schemes to hide the server, but in the meantime the persons behind the board had moved on and were busy with new projects and careers.

The archive is a mirror of the forum from November 15, 2004, the day the server had to be taken offline due to hosting issues. As an archive, the board is read-only and it is not possible to log in. All private information has been removed, including passwords, email addresses, private messages, non-public forums, orphan file uploads and cached images. All automatically expired Couch posts have been restored and early messages have been imported. The forum is running the original and fully functional software that has been updated for current environments. The board's content has been converted to UTF-8 so that Cyrillic texts now display correctly without any tweaks. Further details and some background can be found under https://archive.erowid.org.