Quoi de neuf ?

Bienvenue sur Psychonaut.fr !

En vous enregistrant, vous pourrez discuter de psychotropes, écrire vos meilleurs trip-reports et mieux connaitre la communauté

Je m'inscris!



Matrice périnatale
24 Sept 2013
Hi All,

Loving this forum. very interesting topics :-)
Thanks for having me:-)
I am not sure where I should post my next question, but maybe someone can kindly guide me?

I am carrying out some research on Past Clubbing experiences and ecstasy use. I will explain more if I am to post my research question here.

I am looking for some kind, anonymous participants to partake... Can I post here ??

Cheers in advance



21 Juil 2007
5 922
greetings!! welcome to the forum!! cool that you joined us!! not sure whether i understand what you want to do lol... well it's probably a good mission and there are probably more or less great amount of people on here that have tried ecstasy on parties. i think it's an interesting topic somehow...
the problem is the english section of the forum has been seemingly a bit dead...
but maybe just post it anyway in general psychonautics, synthetic drugs or trip reports?? i don't know really... and i hope the forum won't be as dead as it has been in the future...
alright, in any case i wish you a really great time!!! ;) :)