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Guided Meditation sound/video sources (LF)


Glandeuse pinéale
30 Déc 2012
Hello everyone,

I come from the French part of the Forum, I'm quite new here but meditation is really one of the subjects that interest me the most.

I'm a "beginner" on meditation, as stupid as it can sound I find it easier to meditate when things are going cool in life rather than when things are tough.
I just somehow feel that it should be the other way around :).
But when I'm stressed or anxious or even bored (which is somewhat a kind of affliction to me...) I just don't seem to find "time" to meditate.
It's a lousy excuse and I'm totally aware of it.

Maybe I just need someone or something to go along with me on this so I was wondering if any of you would reccomend me some guided meditation sound and/or video sources.

I thank you all in advance.
Have a great weekend.


21 Juil 2007
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well.... i would say it's easy ..just try youtube... there is really a great amount of good material...
i have tried it also and i feel similar.. i also like it more when things are cool than tough lol... the question is probably why it is different than it should be lol..
in my experience it's because we aren't aware of our own power or how and what we are creating... well i would maybe even go as far as saying that it can also be good to have prejudices, but yeah i guess you get point lol...

the thing is that there are often so many programs going on in our heads that we mostly aren't even aware of...
that's why i think it can be very important to just be able to be there and experience yourself...hard to explain lol.. like at some points rather focus on the perception of your feeling or just the feeling for yourself instead of only focussing on what's around you.
i hope you know what i mean lol... for example if you feel stressed or anxious i recommend to simply try to exclusively focus on the body feeling, especially the breathing, because then the thoughts can go by when you can't let go for whatever reason or so... or at least then they possibly aren't in a too intense, unwished for focus or so, if that's the right way to put it...

sometimes it can be good to just let go... another example could be trying too hard to not try too hard lol...
i would say just be a bit careful, because sometimes it can seem as if they are reacting to you, but don't give that too much attention and focus more on just having fun or whatever your goal is and whether it feels right to you.. ;) :)

if you ask me, you simply shouldn't worry too much about time... and maybe try to get a different feeling for it, if you aren't totally satisfied with how it is now... for example maybe think about how psychological time can be... how sometimes it seems to go faster and sometimes slower... it can become more fascinating than a reason to worry lol...
i guess we don't understand ourselves always as much we think we do or maybe we sometimes forget that we can choose between worrying and being happy... but that's probably not the best way to say it lol...
i heard that in theory or so time and the mind are connected or even the same in some sense... however both can also be transcended...



I want to learn also about meditation. I will help me to relieve my stress after work in office. Is there any tutorial from that? Thank you.


Hey,that was a terrific link, I went straight there and did the very first meditation. In the beginning I saw very bright white light, filled up all my eyes, and all over my brow and head. etc. I am going to do 2 per day until I catch up. I liked that you could write notes to record your experience.guided
I am very grateful for that, many thanks.