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David Sereda - contacting Pleadians through meditation


4 Déc 2014

This episode we are joined by David Sereda who talks to us about his newly born second child who he is very proud of. He tells us about the true joy of having a child and how it makes you feel much more connected to the universe. We then disembark on a true voyage with David as he tells us a little bit about the secrets of anti-gravity and free energy.

We learn about how David has been in contact with Nordic aliens who claim to be the Pleadians. He explains how he contacts this alien group by tapping into a certain mental frequency that has to do with meditation.

David tells us about how easy it is to build your own house with the elements around you and how none of us should be tied to the debt slavery system. He talks to us about the capability and the intelligence of dolphins, his recent brief viewing of a Reptilian, the sky battles between alien groups and we get into vortex mathematics a little bit too.

David finishes the interview by expressing his frustration over the treatment of great minds such as John Hutchinson.