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abdominal breathing


21 Juil 2007
5 922
does anyone here have experience with abdominal breathing?? hmm well, i guess probably almost all human beings have some experience, but the question is how much is the breath unconsciously, subconsciously, consciously etc etc???
personally i can say i have done it wrong in some phases of my life. well from the feeling i did it wrong, but it seems to me it's a bit difficult to describe the feeling. the feeling just felt wrong somehow...
however basically i am convinced that feeling the stomach properly is something very important. although i'm not really sure i think it's not good to do abdominal breathing all the time or too fast.. maybe it has got to do something with the heartbeat in a intricate way??

if you ask me, the gut feeling really shouldn't be downplayed or underestimated... i think people nowadays often are less natural in some way/sense... it seems to me one of the main reason is too much hecticness and doing things in a rush... so i would say a remedy is simply to take the time to really feel... i know it's been said a lot of times already, but that's because it's true.. we really don't want to become soulless machines or robots.

as far as i can tell maybe sometimes it can help to totally pay attention to every moment feeling the gut and the breath, but maybe at other times it can help to not pay so much attention and trust that the body's automatism/wisdom naturally takes care of it in a good way.
can't really explain it so well now...
anyway... .. if you like just share your own experience and/or knowledge or so...