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A Psychonautic Theory- The Revelations and Retrospect


7 Avr 2012
I have spent the 20 years in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. I live alone in the woods, where I study Psychonautics and Psychology, where I translate my subjective experiences into a non-subjective light, as precisely as I can. I have had a revelation as of recent, and I would wish to share it with the fellow Psychonauts of this forum. I hope that those who read ahead find it insightful and ponderous. If it does anything to your thinking as it has for me, I'm sure you will find yourself in a pleasant quandry, a sense of wonderment, inquiry.
I believe deeply in the concept of "Collective Unconscious". To the extent in which I have no doubt it exists. It speaks of and elaborates on the "experience of experience" that any living thing with a nervous system exhibits. In other words, all living things have "That which correlates", making the experience of living relative to everything else, as opposed to personal unconscious, which is a unique elaboration of the memory of sensation by individual.
That being said, Collective Unconsious must be non-subjective. Purely all encompassing. When seen, and understood, you no longer fear or question, rage or doubt. Even with that which is unseen, it is KNOWN. When the mind becomes uninhibited by the barriers of normality. NOT REALITY. Normality. What is defined by society as a normal being, in which they live day to day never questioning themselves. They only see the Personal, subjective unconscious. The experiences are mundane and everyday, because they are seen everyday. That does not mean they are BORING. It means it is just unrelateable to one that has not experienced. Example:
You went to a concert- That's fantastic! It was a rush, it was wonderful, lively and loud. A lizard WOULD NEVER. EVER. Be able to relate to "Going to a concert". But I believe the mammal has experienced, rush, wonderful, lively, loud.
Psychoactive substances, particularly Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and high doses of Psilocybin, in proper use, can allow its users to temporarily tap into this Collective Unconsious, in which we find deep inspiration. Imagine your emotions controlling your mind, to the extent in which the emotion is that which one would feel in the particular moment. Even in scenery that is IMPOSSIBLE in physics. If it has been in your personal experience. LSD's on-set:
Creeping... Wiggling objects... Either turn is setting here. ANTICIPATION. Or Paranoia. Everything crawls towards you in expectance. Your mind is not completely controlled by your emotions yet, thus the visuals seem purely in stupor. As the peak emerges:
Possible laughter. Comicly bizarre. Delightful colors. "The shiny stuff around the lights!" JOY. HAPPINESS. Or! Worry. Panic. Everything has a bizarre tone, but not comic. Uncomfort. Disturbia. Cold lonesomeness and loss of the world. Finally, only experienced in HIGH DOSE uses of LSD: (1000 ug+)
DEEP. DEEP. Extremely deep (I can't even begin to elaborate how deep) sensations from very simple things. To the extent of complete dissociation. You stare endlessly into a picture, because you see yourself fishing, you see the world. You see moss growing on the rock. You FEEL moss growing all over you, and the warmth of the sitting in the sun.
This brings me to my Revelation, for anyone who has still maintained reading thus far.
DEATH. Will be the most subjective experience of all of us.
It is a scientific fact that energy is NEVER destroyed. In our Human Biocomputer, we store the energy in our brains to send charges to the neurons that react in our mind. When we die, our body will die. Theoretically stating, the body DOES NOT feed the brain. The BRAIN TELLS the body however, it should run itself.
One could question, "Well, why do we get sick? Why doesn't our brain tell us to be better?"
And to that I would answer, "It's as if one were to mop a floor, without a maintenance closet." The material which is needed to fix it, is not present. In CONNECTION to this theory, LAUGHTER has been considered a possible viable use to produce health benefits! If you consider yourself happy and well, THEORETICALLY, your brain can make you happy and well.
I believe because of this capability of the brain, when one passes away, the experience of death will be as ONE EXPECTS!
So, as you slip away to death, the world will slowly drift away from normal vision, (Much like an on-set of entheogens. I consider death to be an entheogen in itself, as it inspires the spirit of us) and slowly the world will twist and wriggle into your vision of death. Example:
A devout Christian man, who lived very faithfully, and expects death to be a heaven, sleeping in the clouds, spending endless hours flying and having no need in the world, then it shall be so.
On the otherhand, a guilty man, could spend his death as a "Hell", in which a deep regret, turns into their mind making them believe they must pay for their sin
Or even the Psychonaut, who believes when he passes, he will understand the world and see everything as it is. One, infinite and indefinite, because the only thing that truly exists is that which all of us living all bare as one. The ability to feel.

‘To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower; to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour–is inspiration.’ — William Blake

‘Mysteries are not to be solved. They eye goes blind when it only wants to see why.’ — William Blake

‘When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite.’ — William Blake

‘Man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.’ — William Blake


Glandeuse pinéale
10 Déc 2011
I think you're right on here, man. I've only been doing my journeying for two years, but once my ego succumbed to otherworldy demise, I started seeing things for what they are (or so I'd think, but the experience, well, they live on within me...). It's interesting though, what you say about death. First of all, I agree. But secondly, I believe that this is so in walking life, too. Were you to succumb to ego-death, then life is what you make of it. I believe this is what Jesus supposedly spoke of, as in, Heaven and Hell post-ego-death rather than actual death. Because what you make of it does make it, when you're boundlessly one with all. It's incredible, and if you have the right mindset (love, people, don't forget that impenetrable love flowing all around us), you can really keep your head straight up and walk through paradise (amongst people who kill, rape, pillage, et c et c...), whereas if you are frightened by it and let your dark emotions take the lead, walking day life and hallucinations will be less welcoming. I drew some lines between Jesus (and other prophets) and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and I've yet to find anything to disprove me.

Life is nothing but the preparation for the next voyage, beyond the curtain of death.


I apologise, but, in my opinion, you commit an error. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.


Matrice périnatale
10 Sept 2012
I've found myself in similar thoughts as yours. And I agree with you in the aspect of the collective unconscious - this is what makes the idea of truth possible, right? There is some truth people can resonate in. I fall back on this with endless faith, that I will always come back to me, what is truly me. And I belive this is the same for all people.

But at the same time, what you say about death, it's quite scary. It's the ultimate performance anxiety. If you don't feel really good at the moment you die, you fuck up - forever.

I can't really believe that. I believe death matters nothing. Death is the most important knowledge I have to live my live to the deepest, fullest, and to always strive to live my deepest, fullest. And I believe that the entheogen of your own death is something that you should use always, as to not only have the real moment of your life when you're actually dying.
But death is only death - it's nothing. The only way to live your life, is to live it now.

If I have misunderstood you - correct me. In any case - very interesting thoughts.


Matrice périnatale
24 Nov 2011
^If I understand this correctly (with my own unhindered biases), the reality 'generated' post death would serve to be a new live but not necessarily eternal even if thought of as eternal (if one is to organize different 'genres' of reality discretely. So if a devout catholic man truly believes that he will 'go' to an eternal heaven during his death, he could end up in a state of blissful existence without any sense of time, but this perception would gradually lose it's 'blissfully eternal' qualities as the intellect perceiving this begins to consider it self to be a discreet entity. Karma?