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black dots on stems

can anybody help with this problem? i don't know, what i'm doing wrong. is it disease or lack/too much nutrients, water, light? did anyone solved this?
photo [Image: 2006121119132pv0.th.jpg]

thank you.
aye, that looks bad. ive never seen it before

is the stem getting softer ?

you might wanna take a cutting of your plant and place it somewhere else, in case the other parts get infected.. it looks like a disease/plague to me.
stem is still hard as it was. i will take cuttings but i don't want to lose whole plant.i've got emotional relation with her-she's my first Smile
does the plant seem to suffer frrom it? it looks really nasty if u ask me..
except those dots plant looks healthy. there are many of new nice leaves and branches growing. i've taken some cuttings so i hope they will root soon and that they're not infected (if it is disease).
good luck then Smile keep us updated

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