Legalization Strategies subforum
This subforum was created to start realizing workable strategies to legalize drugs. First, it was a closed subforum for a few members, but we felt that it would be better if more people commented on the issues at hand and decided to open it to the general population of That means YOU! So help us out by putting your thoughts about it into words and actions. Think about what you can do today to start the peace on drugs.

This subforum is not visible on the main page and neither is it visible to unregistered guests. You can access it through the Forum tab at the top left of the page and scrolling down under Life & Society, or by clicking here.

Recently I moved a thread by Crimzen to this subforum, which thereby disappeared from the front page. I hope that people will continue to comment on this thread but was unsure if everybody knew about it. Go check it out if you haven't already!
-away for a while-

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