How did psychedelic changed you
After years of marginal success with talk therapy and dismal failures with antidepressants, it was suggested I try Ayahusca. I have been in recovery (clean from) alcohol for 25 years. The thought of tripping was appalling. I had a TBI and near death experience. That injury evolved into ptsd, tremors, migraines and light and sound sensitivity. I'm 50+ years old and those physical problems got worse with menopause. I had to leave my career. I took about 6 months off. Drank Ayahusca 4 times. It was very very difficult. Hard tremors and electrical shock waves. I spoke with my Ayahaucuro about this. I dosed high on the 4th time and had no tremors. Had the ego anialation and death experiences. Very very difficult. It was a therapeutic success. Now I can tolerate more light, louder sounds, and many moments of calm. I'm more compassionate to others and myself. I can identify and correct when I start into negativity. Huge life change. I'm willing to do this as a regular therapy. What I want to change is having more support during the treatment and help with somatic and sensory integration there-after.
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I would say they changed in me several ways. I'm confident that they kept me open to acceptance. I may not be productive as I used to be but at least I'm a little more relaxed. They showed me that closed minded egoholics can't grasp even a portion of empathy or what life can be if we all just relax a little.
I used LSD for years and didn't realize the chemical's true potential. Eventually I felt a direct connection to what is understand to be a fundamental field of intelligence in nature, and gained the knowledge that there is only one consciousness. I realized that we all evolutionarily chase the concept of infinity and experience the emotion of love when we evolve. I became a vegetarian as a result, and made it my life mission to spread the word of this potentially life saving experience.
Seems like you found something or something found you. I mean you opend up to something. Something you discribe as a fundamental field of intelligence or one universal consciousness. And maybe this is what people call god or tao or something along those lines.

You wrote you became vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian myself since the late 90,s and i still don,t eat meat. But i wonder what it was in this experience that made you want to stop eating meat?
they transformed me from an egotistical selfish prat to a human undergoing spiritual metamorphosis
They changed me greatly, really helped me shed a lot of excess bullshit that I was carrying around since childhood. I used to be really anxious all the time and afraid of new situations and people.
I had a few psilocybin shroom trips in the last couple of years, they did the job of opening my mind in very subtle and not so subtle ways and I started questioning what I believed about myself. But it was nothing compared to a short Ayahuasca retreat (3 sessions) I did a couple weeks ago.
The last session, in particular, was so powerful, it opened a floodgate and all the fears and worries and beliefs that I had been holding on and repressing since early childhood just came pouring out. I cried like a baby. I kept crying and letting go for days after, and now I feel so much lighter and with much more control over my addictions and more aware of my destructive thought patterns.
LSD helped me a lot to get self-esteem back. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and social phobia for 10 years and i've always had negative thoughts about myself. During my first trip, i've become aware of my real value.
It was overjoyed.
Concerning negative facet, i had awful and so realistic nightmares for 3 next nights.
Hello fellow psychonauts and curious souls in search of answers!

Psylocibin sessions helped me experience unity with the universe, infinite love, the great orchestration of the world, extreme opening of perception as well as some other truths. Been to hyperspace and back.
The experiences made me more tolerant, calm, satisfied with myself, more connected to the universe, more understanding and respectful and accepting.
Deep introspections made me clear things with myself, like others find help in psychotherapy, I've handled it by myself.
Although the holy shrooms are not for everyone, I would strongly recommend the experience.
Just show them respect and accept the journey in full. Don't treat them like party drugs, as they are so so much more.
It was my first time trying LSD a few days ago (although I have had past experiences with liberty caps and 25C-Nbome), I was taking this as my first introduction to the world of hallucinogenics. It has broadened the meaning of existence, enabled a synergy between my thoughts and my inner self. This won't be leaving me any time soon.
I've been a member before. I have been tripping for over 10 years now.
My last trips guided me straight to a shrink and I've been taking medication ever since.

In those 10 years I did not trip that often though. Maybe 20 times. But they seem to build up. My first trip didn't change me at all, second didn't change me either. But than my third trip blew me out of my socks. So my interest was aroused. Ever since, every trip had its own unique story and I can only go back to the one that changed my life the most.

I was in a sexual rite and under guidance of whatever it is. But I started thinking about what was going on and things got out of hand. My first and last bad trip. I just couldn't resisit and was losing my mind. As fear took over I fought it with all my might, but I lost. I lost my mind and got crazy. But that was alright, for it was the best thing that could happen to me. I finally had perspective and even though it drove me insane, I never had perspective before in my life. Black, white, obsessive, hard working guy but a control freak. All this was whiped clean over a night. I lost it.

People issuing the new me drove me to a shrink and many more perspective came my way. I started fighting religion for I could not confront this new me, I needed something in this matrix to re-asure me reality is what reality is. But it is not.
But I learned that it is alright to be different. Now I explore my mind without any substances.
The real story has begon by pointing the finger directly at me and deal with life as it approaches me. I used to live in an alter reality to comfort me because I could not deal with feelings. I was trapped in ideology just not to confront any feelings.

I had to deal with this new knowledge now. Learning to walk again. This was a long procedure of maybe 3 years and I'm still learning. Life had brainwashed me and the aftershock had quite an impact.

So what did they change? Everything. They gave me perspective that guided me to more perspectives.
I found many parts of myself and now I have something to build on.
Unlearn and training that was missed when god fell from the heavens. in fewest words as possible
MDMA stopped me having panic attacks for about six months, and I'm hoping that continued careful MDMA use will eliminate them forever.
Psychoactive cacao showed me what I should do with my life in the middle to long term.
It really opened my 3rd eye, when i was 20. i'm 38 now. I did LSD and i became spiritual overnight. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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