How did psychedelic changed you
Everything we do changes us. it,s known that psychedelics have the power to change people on a very deep level.
There are story,s about how ayahuasca or other psychedelics have changed peoples lives.
A psychedelic trip can be a transforming and people value this aspect of the trip. For some people psychedelics can be helpful or healing.

How do you feel psychedelics have changed you?
I haven't got very extensive experience on psychedelics, but so far it has impacted my life greatly. Not hugely what "happened" in life, but moreso how I view life. Even though I cannot count out the fact I started seeing way to many "coincidences" which in a sense felt like divine interventions.
My experiences with LSD so far were very intense, scary and confronting, apart from also being extremely beautiful.
I've always been a very spiritual person, and very interested in the darker, unknown parts of the human psyche, and so far psychedelics have enhanced this interest significantly. I can say I had more spiritual experiences and learned more about the dark parts of myself.
Some trips feel like dying and being reborn. Some are very visual. Others more introspective. And yet others are quite subtle. The most beautiful part about psychedelics is that every trip is different from the other. Which also makes it very easy to get hooked to. I always managed to turn a bad trip into something I can learn from. More often than not these lessons are inexpressible and very personal.
They woke me up.
Jamapricotica a écrit :They woke me up.

in what way? Where you a sleep? What did you wake up to?
Man i just woke up and found myself totally transformed. I didn't knew what happened but was pretty sure that it went right.
cannabis led me back towards the original authentic natural human state. connection and understanding. dark replaced with light.
"True Knowledge lives inside plants, not books"
Jamapricotica a écrit :They woke me up.

me too!!! ...gave me back my life
psychedelic don't give us a chance with paranoia: or we fall down in abyss or we overcome obstacles! ...or not?!
after this: knowledge

by the way of madame Aya: I know a boy who used methadone, he went in a ecovillage, drank her with a group of person, and since he doesn't use methadone at issue!!!
Jamapricotica a écrit :They woke me up.

How it changed me is that it raises my awareness on many levels. I become more aware of everything around me and of my body and my mind.
In a way it,s like waking up or being reborn. It is a very fresh and sometimes euphoric feeling. A feeling that makes you look the world in a new light. However this feeling does not last for ever. It is something that needs to be cultivated it seems.
The peak experience is like a spark that turns into a fire and eventually dies out. It,s Like waking up and slowly falling back asleep.

As you may know there was a guy known as Richard Alpert who went looking for a way to keep the fire burning. It led him to India and there he changed his name into Ram Dass and he wrote many books and became one of the people that turned the western world on to eastern thought and lifestyle.
Ram Dass - Love Serve Remember

my idea is that after a experience you will eventually fall back asleep. The fire slowly dies out as you start falling back in your old habits or addictions.
However I do not believe the fire totally dies out. A small part of it keeps on glowing. This can be a small part or a bigger part depending on the person.
This small glowing part is what we use to cultivate. From this small glowing part we build up the fire again by using practice and self discipline.
Psychedelics are not a cure all pill. We need to work on our selfs and work hard for it to truly change on a fundamental level.
inverted a écrit :cannabis led me back towards the original authentic natural human state. connection and understanding. dark replaced with light.

interesting. seems very drastic.
It not only raised my awareness of my surroundings, it also made me more appreciative of the world around me (in general)
I always liked music and art, i think cannabis and psychedelics enhanced my appreciation of music and art even more.
Psychedelics made me appreciate nature in a very fundamental way. It made me fall in love with the natural world.
They changed my way of thinking so much that I'm beginning to think there's an elephant in the room.
A presence trying to make contact with me... does that make any sense to you people?

Let me start off by introducing myself. I haven't done psychedelics that much, to count the whole up I think I've had less then 20 trips in my life. I only smoke weed and use shrooms. Shrooms started off just fine, what a magical ride! Then one day I misjudged the magical ride and it turned the ride into a rollercoaster, but in the end, it was a fun ride. While on it, not knowing what was happening to me for the very first time at such a level, I got disolved into reality.
There was this erh "voice" saying: you asked for this your entire life, now you're going to get it
All made sense and I understood the outcome of all my choices and where they have leaded to. I talked to people after that high state of consciousness and appreciated their way of life. I could see my outcomes, but I could see the ones from others around me too. I mean, really see them as the person they were and not their mask. From that moment on I found a certain peace in life and how it made sense.
To be honest, the expercience had scared me in a way that I haven't touched mushrooms for more then a year.
I have moved away from my previous life and started a new. I started picking up mushrooms again since recently and it started out very subtle.
Sublte was good, we found a GREAT APHRODISIAC to make a long story short! But we felt like we were handed tools and we literaly both said: We are Adam and Eve backwards. All our issues got setteled and we had no shame to one and another whatsoever. We shared our deepest thoughts and emotions that night. I felt like we were handed tools and I couldn't stop resisting bowing down..YES bowing down!
I felt like we were choosen that night and being observed by a higher intelligence and I felt great gratitude...
I mean, it's really there but it's not! It's an elephant in the room we really feel is there, but we can not announce... We do not know what we are dealing with, but we are dealing with something... Does this sound familair to anyone?
Usually when I use the metaphor of 'the big elephant in the room' I am meaning something that is very taboo that people will not talk about and refuse to acknowledge. For example the occult stuff surrounding the 9/11 attacks, etc and what this means about our civilization and sense of reality

I am VERY aware than many peole do not seem that aware of the 'reality' they 'come down to' after psychedelic experience. it as though this reality we are in most of the time is invisible, is being accepted as the given, as the 'well, this IS reality'. But I don't feel that way, and that is MY big elephant in the room I am exploring and telling others about

At another forum I am with I asked the question 'do you feel oppressed' to try and get people becoming aware of things, because I think often people are unconscious of their oppression. This is why more and more people are going on psychiatric medication
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Hi zezt, thank you for pointing that out! I mean with the elephant, there's something I can not ignore. I feel like these mushrooms are hum how do I describe this, a phone? A phone to something that isn't coming from within me but from outside. Angels and demons alike. I feel they are trying to guide me somewhere to get into interaction... They talk a lot about peace to me... There's this mystery in my trips where I feel anything is possible. I'm talking about telekinesis and telepathic abilities here... What if objects really started moving during your trips because you provoced the "presence" to come out and reveale itself. What if you really see behind the face of someone and get in their head and hear their thoughts? What would that be like for you?
My experience is only with cannabis which I use by the last 3 years, but in this year particularly I smoked with more frequence... last years was somethin like 1 time in every 2 months, now I smoke like one time per week.. I can say with sure is that cannabis changed my music preferencies...I just started listenin to reggae music a lot more since I started to use more cannabis... the eletronic music is a kind that usually drugs helps you to like, and some kind of electronic musics more psychedelics than others like Trance (armin van buuren, for example) thats a music kind that I "learned" to like and thats cannabis fault Big GrinBig Grin
I cant see more deeper transformations cause, like I said, my experience was only with cannabis, but someday I will try some acid and lets see what will happen
They did, but i don't know what they have changed, life itself is already complicated but with psychedelics in it i got to say that that i'm kinda lost between what i know, what i feel, what i want and the reality of this world and life in general.
Jamapricotica a écrit :They woke me up.

One of the most interesting effects is the feeling of awakening for the first time ever from a previous state of sleep, the feeling of liberation from what is now seen as a life-long state of misunderstanding. Paradoxically, it is this new awareness that feels normal and natural and the previous fog is seen to have been unreal all along. The bemushroomed seeker can be convinced that, once gained, this awareness is impossible to lose, but inexplicably by the next day it is just a memory.

Erowid Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Effects

This is exactly what happened to me in the beginning each time after a mushroom or LSD trip. I used to found this to be the most benefetical asset. When the effects wore off everything seems refreshed in reality and in my mind for 2-3 days up to a week. But nowadays when coming down it's just over and I proceed in exactly in the same state I was in prior to an ingestion.
The awakening theme is definitely true for me as well. I would say over the years some trips have thrown me off balance, but the true spiritual ones have fully recalibrated me. Those are the ones I'm most grateful for. In those moments of pure fear and pure elation, every minute of life is worth a year.
"From a certain point onward there
is no longer any turning back. That
is the point that must be reached." - Franz Kafka
Demahdi a écrit :Hi zezt, thank you for pointing that out! I mean with the elephant, there's something I can not ignore. I feel like these mushrooms are hum how do I describe this, a phone? A phone to something that isn't coming from within me but from outside. Angels and demons alike. I feel they are trying to guide me somewhere to get into interaction... They talk a lot about peace to me... There's this mystery in my trips where I feel anything is possible. I'm talking about telekinesis and telepathic abilities here... What if objects really started moving during your trips because you provoced the "presence" to come out and reveale itself. What if you really see behind the face of someone and get in their head and hear their thoughts? What would that be like for you?

I have had telepathic experience with another being but it was when I had an OBE. Of course I always deeply sense what people are thinking and feeling when having psychedelics, because---well I think that ordinarily 'telepathy' is usually thought of as some kind of 'thoughts transmitted to the head from another brain'---but my very first LSD trip had me seeing deep into these people (who weren't tripping) because of body language and tone of voice. All of that is just as revealing. Often people can say something, but their tone and body are saying something else

ALLOW this presence. Abandon yourself to it and don't struggle is my advice
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Though my first expierences were in a rave setting, I found myself leaving the buzz to really soak it up. I have been given many life lessons, including learning true empathy, wholeness, connectivity, the fractal beautiful nature of the universe, true beauty, true love. Many many others. The true nature of reality, access to the spiritual wow I could go on and on, now I look to go deeper!
wish you would elaborate more. Sounds very interesting.

Do you know of James W Jesso?
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
I once stumbled upon DMT or a form of it. Not to sure of it's quality, but it was a pollen like cluster of yellow matter. My friend offered the idea and we took the chance. We put it in a large bong and smoked(my friend suggested the bong since I had and still am not sure how it is supposed to be ingested). 30 seconds later my mind shut off for a split second, then boom, restarted and opened up. I could see the vibrations in the air, light from the stereo was transformed into the waves from the music playing (drugs by ratatat). Everything was so beautiful and defined, it brought a tear to my eye. After the trip, we all discussed this amazing trip we just shared together. Only about 5 minutes, but those 5 minutes were comparable to a sense of euphoria that is near death. I have been so close to death only one other time, and it was so peaceful til I woke up, then I was terrified that I was just hit by a truck and losing lots of blood. Instead of fear after euphoria, with the DMT, I felt peace. I was also using research chemicals close to ketamine, as an anti-depressant. I got so lost in the hole, I entered drug induced psychosis soon after the DMT trip.... Or at least that's what the doctors call it. I found it to be enlightening. Everything was fine and beautiful til everyone started saying it was not. They said I was not fine, that my perceptions of people and their spirits and souls, we're just hallucinations. That I was wrong about everybody, that I couldn't see their auras. Truth is, I've had these abilities since I was a child, they just got stomped out by the negativity. When I started using the RC, I started finding myself, and I guess just scared others when I told them the intentions I saw in them, and they weren't good. How could my family do this to me? I know they've been worried, but you can't confirm a child that they are different, then when they grow up, their difference is a drug induced mental illness, when I have finally found myself and my place and how to connect to the world again. I know my soul is infinite, because I have been here, and dealt with all these people before. How must I go on without the souls who know me and could connect with me? Is anybody else out there?? And now I've found myself here. I've "changed" so much, but only to find my soul, and who I have been since before this body. This is my first post so here it goes, I'm sending my call out to the universe.
HI, and very beautiful and inspiring post, and sad because of the typical shit you have received from family and people in general.
I am VERY interested in all you are saying here. For many years I've been speaking out against the fukin evil mental illness myth which is a big central mind control technique of this matricidal and ecocidal civilization. This hateful system wants us to believe we and other animals and all of nature are machines with no soul spirit!! MILLIONS of people take their toxic drugs to dull and harm the bodymind, and they are so evil they are even targeting more and more children--telling them they need their drugs because they are disordered. And even parents are falling for this and happy their kids are being drugged and destroyed by the State!!
A culture cannot get any lower than when it harms the little ones. It is beyond reform, and is utterly corrupt. All I can do is learn to see through their mind control and encourage others to also
So I am VERY with you Smile
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
Over the course of the last 8 years I've gotten to dabble with psykz and found out more about myself than anything else. It seems like each "journey" has led me further into my own subcon than anything else. Of course it has seemed to help me with my social anxiety, which makes sense: you can only go to so many walmarts or malls while being so "receptive" without becoming more at ease in your own skin. I've found that unlike most people, when I am "learning" more I prefer putting myself in uncomfortable positions that normally I would be somewhat avoidant of. Soft reminders to myself during these times, that nothing is really what it seems right now and that I am not "sober".

It's too much to list what I have gained and lost over each experiment. zezt your post is so true, its a chemically induced mass conditioning that isn't limited to a city state or nationwide basis. It's all over the world.
lsd made me perceive the world as being more beautiful. mda was a little too much
yes that is true for all of us, but not instantly. some changes came years later.
I have not ever really been changed by trips. Although went taking acid and shrooms I feel as though I have had some sort of epiphany that has at least means i look at things differently.
Hey please read this because I need somebodies opinion. I started using LSD pretty often. Like once a week sometimes. I take breaks when needed. But I managed to lose all my friends. I need to know what I should do. So I have tripped several times with all the old friends I used to have and sometimes I solo trip. But I managed to scare all of them off because I talk about weird things when I trip because it's a very spiritual thing for me. I never believed In any God untill I dropped acid and found out I was always God. (Yea it gets weird here) When I trip I always think I'm about to die for some reason. I don't get scared but rather except my death and move on. Yes sometimes I think I'm already dead while I'm trippin hard. And that's when I realize that I'm never gonna die and I'm gonna live forever In this newly found afterlife. Complete control of the acid at this point. (This is why I love Lucy) I travel to mysterious places in time and think of the craziest ideas. I control my visuals to some extent. And never scared of anything. Almost too brave. This is the point where my freinds think it's a problem. But I've never hurt anybody or even done anything too stupid. The worst thing I've done is open the microwave while my friend was cooking something cuz I thought the countdown was sinister. Lol. And maybe accidently touched my freinds mom and asked her her name. She totally freaked out and wanted me to leave cuz I've never talked to her before that and there I was pupils full sized reaching out to her shoulder and asking her name. She was majorly offended and my mind did not understand why. But now I can see how that's creepy. I guess. But my freinds don't like all this talk about death and God speically when they trippin. Seems to me they just wanna go to sleep half the time. (I have really strong shit and people get scared) 250 microgram tabs. My freinds don't wanna hang with me because I don't buy weed anymore and spend the little money I get on acid. I'm considered a mooch I guess. Fuck it. I don't like weed much anyways. (Fuck yea I do) but everybody is telling me to lay off the shit and nobody wants to trip with me anymore. Tripping alone used to be my favorite but lately it seems boring. Anything I can do to spice it up? Do you guys think I'll find another trippin buddy or trippin soulmate chick? acids my favorite drug. Anybody else have the same high or similar experiences? I need some support since I have no more.
Psychedelics peel away the layers and reveal your true being
New to this site. Background info (for future reference, im quite tall at 6'4 and 80kgs, if I asking questions of dosage size)
(Started infrequently 'sniffing' about a year ago. (With also mistakenly trying mkat around 3 years ago). Up to know I've felt the full effects of E, Ket, Coke, cannabis and MD.)

Hello, I have never consumed any psyches so far but this post has made me very anxious to try, obviously first of all I would be very unsure about the 'portion size' (dose) but it would most likely be LSD (acid if that's right).
My head in general goes through strange stages and my brain feels very emotionless and numb like i'm living in the day but can't specifically recall emotions or memories, (I am casually seeing a councillor at my university about my long term memory and potential of slight depression, despite the fact that I 'appear' as one of the most energetic and fun loving people you would meet,

Recently i've been using No2 and massively enjoying it, feeling like after every 'hit' I was in a dream like state and experiencing a conflict type scenario in which my friends will be giving me advice and sometimes the dream ends with me hearing "just keep doing what you're doing" which is obviously really uplifting.
For what in my head feels like a half an hour journey and then when I return the same song is still playing, I find that experience incredible.

How much would LSD would you advise for me to have an interesting and safe journey, or not advise if you felt that necessary, in what environment would you advise and how long would the effects last?

Thank you
the amount is not important as long as you don't take too much. it is the set and setting. You need to OPEN yourself to the flux of ecstasy that is going to be inspired, and to allow this to happen in places you feel you can relax, be it outside, inside or both
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell

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