Good-bye... for now
I know I haven't been around here for nearly as long as a lot of you nice folks but I have run my mouth quite a bit so I feel a good bye is in order.

My company has decided that I'm too talented for my meaningless job and is moving me to a new location. A location with high speed internet acces so they'll be able to track my internet activity 24/7. That was the one advantage of having a dial-up modem.

They're really just doing this to piss me off because they know how happy I am working where I'm at. I'm 3 miles (4km?) from home, I get to ride my bike to and from work every day, I joined the YMCA which is in the same building so I was able to workout in the gym on my lunch break, I'm the only one from my company that works in this building so I don't have a boss looking over my shoulder. Everything was peachy, but starting on the 19th of March, I'll be having to drive to a location 25 minutes away. I really enjoyed riding in to work; I was saving loads on gas.
I think they found out that I'm moving and are just trying to get me to quit.

So I might not be talking to you nice folks for a while; I don't know if I'm going to be training my replacement next week or not so this might be it. I won't be gone forever but it could be a while.

So I just wanted to say how much I like this site and all the imaginary friends I've made here. To everyone that's kept me entertained, made me laugh or made me think THANK YOU! I'm not bothering to say goodbye on any other forum, I just feel like I got to know some people here on at least a superficial level and I'm going to miss this humble, little community.

So to all of you; Space, Heartcore, Wasefraka, Rutger, Tryptonaut, Maru, ProStoner, Goran, Kcar, Spice, Brug, Scamie, Kwarkfanaat, amoak, TIAX and everyone else...thanks for having me and putting up with my sarcastic, asshole-ish personality. It's been greatly appreciated.


edited to include Tiax Big Grin
My tingers are fingling.
I don't know what's worse, you going away or you forgetting my name...

ANYWAY, I'll save all the rage born from the sadness & frustration, and I trully hope that you'll find a way to come back sooner or later on this website...

Take care of your horrible toad (and of yourself)...
Of course, can't forget good ol' Tiax. I shall miss you most.

BTW, I hope that rash of yours gets better, try not to scratch it mmmkay.
My tingers are fingling.
Sounds like a nice and relaxing job you had there =/ ah well good luck and see you around! Smile
quick note, I'm actually on my way out the door (to get LEMONS!), Brew love you and come back soon.
Install a mental antivirus: (it's 100% free, no strings attached)
Good luck on the new location! I hope you get to be close friends with the IT administrator, so he'll skip your computer when scanning for 'browsing during worktime'. :wink: I hope to see you back someday!

It's been real Big Grin
We sit together, the mountain and I, until only the mountain remains.
Ah damn man -1 for the USA team :p Make sure you stop by every now and then. Will you be able to use chatting programs?
hm, internet tracking, they don't even let you exchange information that not rarely helps people not to poison themselves.

anyway, thanks for your (not minor) contribution to this oasis of information, we hope to hear from you again.

peace Smile
as we separate and compare
Brew, it has been fun and extreme mrgreen

Sorry to hear you leave, but yeah, circumstances...
Sucks to have to take the car out instead of that nice short biketrip of yours.

Best of wishes, take care and too another digital encouter soon!
This feels like a deja vu.... Confusedhock
A little less conversation...
Take care!
I'm wrong and it's beautiful
Who is now gonna take over the provocations?

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