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Foxy Methoxy, First Time Tonight

I have 25mg of Foxy Methoxy from a very trusted source. 48 canisters of 8.5 gram Nitrous Oxide chargers, a small amount of potent cannabis, and a very small amount of high grade cocaine. I plan on orally taking 12-15mg about half of my bag tonight. I'll probably try to convey some of my thoughts in a little bit. I'll also do an edit on this post when I actually imbibe it, only waiting for my trip sitter to arrive. I am very much excited right now!!

*EDIT*: My Trip sitter has finally arrived. slightly less than half my stash is dissolved into a half cup of Doctor Pepper, which I am half finished with as I type this. Swallowing the last of it now. The Dr. P seems to have made the purportedly nasty taste a bit better. Still gross, but not what I was led to expect from reading reports. Can tell I wouldn't want to insufflate this. I'll see you all later!
Foxy seems really interesting, cant wait to hear your report!

are you mixing all those chemicals though? Oops
either way,
have a nice trip =]
-away for a while-

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Vary amazing experience. I spent most of it laying in awe on my comfortable bed. Did the cocaine while I was coming up, and that made the Foxy hit me like a train almost exactly 50 minutes after ingesting it. Nitrous during the peak did what nitrous does best, blasts you into hyperspace. Not sure I enjoyed the body load that much, I had fasted all day, and was on cocaine, so I didn't get bad nausea and only minor gas, but just an incredibly intense feel in my body even right till the very last hour of residual feeling. Almost like the waves off energy I get when coming up on LSD, but much more intense and all consuming. I thought the OEV's and CEV's were of an astoundingly interesting nature, saw some patterns and geometries never encountered on any other tryptamine. When moving around I found that almost all effects dissappeared besides the body load and a changed mindset, but if you stopped moving for a minute and relaxed the trip would come to me quite pleasently. All in all it had a decidedly benevolent nature, very playful.

I cannot be 100% sure but I think I dosed from 10-12mg, leaving me with 15 to 13mg left. I'm going to save this for awhile as next time I want to lose the nitrous and soley enjoy this marvelous chemical
Good ole foxy..

I used to get nailed on this stuff years ago when swim had a key.

It's the ultimate perception fucker.. far looks close, close looks far, loud seems quiet, quiet seems loud... good times Happywide

I actually remember having a double NOS after 25-30mgs and my brain imploding into the sky.. jesus I was scared after having the nos that I was going to die so I instinctively ran out the door into the lawn, my brain literaly exploded into the sky. Now that is some serious shit!


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