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Diarrhea after taking some speed?

Hi all,

Last friday I went to Antwerpen with a friend to see Infected Mushroom performing. We had both 1g of good speed (the dealer said it was metha-amphétamine, and he said the metha was for methadrine). That speed was supposed to have a more cerebral trip, instead of just beying... speed. Indeed, we had a great time, we talked a lot (my friend and I) and enjoyed walking around and watching people. The next day we went to Rosendaal (Holland) and smoked a few joints before going back to our house. That night I started not feeling so good and having pain in the stomache. The next day I started having headache and diarrhea started to appear. It still lasts now even if the headache is gone...

Could it be the speed that got me into that state? We sniffed most of it, and mixed about 0,4g with a beer. My friend did not get any unpleasant after-effect, but it was my 4th time on speed and had never taken such an amount.

Hope my english is understandable! Thanks for your replies

As far as i know methamphetamine (cause thats what it is, thats right) is indeed more then just speed, its harder, smoother, more euphoric. Amphetamine in general is quite agressive, so the inside of your stomach might have been 'burned' away which in turn can cause discomfort. Headaches can be the result of dehydration.

Don't make a habit out of this. It's bad mmmkay.
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Methadrine is a methamphetamine pill prescribed back in the 60's, and is now used as slang term for Meth. Anyways, yeah, diarahea is a direct side effect of meth, get use to it if you keep on doing speed.
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take some heroin to compensate :nod:

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Haha down't worry I won't Happywide

Thanks for the replies, although it's weird my friend did not have the same effects.

And I don't plan to do speed very often, that night I just wanted to catch every minute of music, which I did and enjoyed a lot.

Tbh i always get diarrhea after speed no matter who i buy it from so i dont worry about it too much. For headaches id probably drink water and get some vitamin C in system
The thread goes back to 2008 so not sure if the people you're replying to will see your message Smile

The English side of the forum is kind of dead I think, the only section that's really active is the French one.
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