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A lab rat in the making


Matrice périnatale
16 Nov 2012
There are so many interesting chemical combounds and so little research has been done on them. So, instead of waiting for clinical tests, I'm going to test as many synthetics as possible.

My method is to buy the same substance from two different sources, then trip twice on both, in order to be at least somewhat sure that I'm taking what I'm supposed to take. Not that this would be in any way scientific or have any scientific value, it's just something I like to think as a hobby. Some people drink different types of coffee, I do something else.


Elfe Mécanique
15 Sept 2012
OMG, you are really strange kind of a person. lol.....
Welcome to the forum though. Hope you have good time over here while you keep on experimenting with so many different chemical compounds.