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  1. ChrisGayle

    Bong Smoke Better?

    No matter what are the health effects of a bong but one thing i am pretty much sure of is that it is just awesome..if you need an instant effect that one smoke is enough for you..
  2. ChrisGayle

    Would mushrooms be worth growing?

    Yeah i think that is really a great idea..growing mushrooms need not very much hardwork but a regularity. You should daily spend a little quality time with them and you can grow a successful stock of mushrooms..so i guess go with it and you will succeed.
  3. ChrisGayle

    How can you gain insight from a drug?

    That article is really a great read..being a newbie at the Psychonaut it was really of great help...thanks for sharing..i am much obliged and the article is greatly appreciated.
  4. ChrisGayle

    Vegetarians read this!!

    I guess meat is quite important for your health..it increases the strength and fighting illness capabilities...so i guess one should have it regularly.
  5. ChrisGayle

    Never Really 'hallucinated' on psych's :(

    ID creature said it right..every single body on this planet has a distinct mechanism which tends to react to the type of thing you intake..may be your metabolism is different and hence you are having these consequences..i guess you should probably wait for another two days before increasing...
  6. ChrisGayle

    New here...would like to share experiences.

    I think should probably do it in a company of someone next time rather than smoking alone..it would be more enjoyable and safer for you..just a suggestion from a friend..i think you want to take a look into that advice.
  7. ChrisGayle


    It is best to take help from a Yoga instructor...the thing is if it is not performed in a correct manner it won't be of much use and even lead to adverse effects..so it is advised to hire a trainer to perform yoga.
  8. ChrisGayle

    the best way to meditate

    I guess for a proper meditation you need a peaceful place as unless your mind is not at rest you can't perform anykind of meditation. So find peace and then proceed.
  9. ChrisGayle

    Dry peyote in Canada?

    Spiritual drugs is another store where you can buy Peyote in canada. However they are exempted in canada as they are consumed quite a lot.