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  1. bransondude

    Practical breathing exercises

    Just remembered, I've been trying to use this while running but it's kinda tricky to sustain. I've found that 2 inhales with 1 exhale works very well with the exaggerated inhale method. So, In-In-Out-In-In-Out rather than In-Out-In-Out, but only during exercise.
  2. bransondude

    Practical breathing exercises

    These are just some notes on some breathing methods I've been practicing at. The Exaggerated Inhale is a breathing method that strongly emphasizes the inhale while keeping the lungs as filled as possible. The exhale happens as a consequence of having the lungs filled past normal capacity. I...
  3. bransondude

    creative flash meditation

    Creative Flash Meditations This is meant to cultivate the ability to create wholly new things with our minds. It does this by repetition of what are called Creative Flashes. These are vivid, complex creative thoughts. Variables to play with are the speed of repititions, intensity of...
  4. bransondude

    Pill to block release of brain chemicals linked to pleasure.

    I wasn't the OP, just startled at the mind control reaction to it. I don't think it's a solid solution to addiction but I think it might work well as an emergency stopgap. One can put a tourniquet on a severed arm to give enough time for a surgeon to stop the bleeding, right? I'm not hiding...
  5. bransondude

    Pill to block release of brain chemicals linked to pleasure.

    guys, it's naltrexone, not real mind control. For extreme cases, it might have to be a permanent solution in order to help an addict stay alive. The "block pleasure" statement is just the journalist dressing up the article. Patients don't complain of any pleasure blocking problems. Zombies...
  6. bransondude

    Pill to block release of brain chemicals linked to pleasure.

    Is there going to be some cure for serious addiction that is perfect, has no side effects and works every time? Hell no. Should we save a life even though it's a bit squeemish? Hell yes. It isn't any more of a mind control than A.A. And Ibogaine causes massive changes in a persons...
  7. bransondude

    Pill to block release of brain chemicals linked to pleasure.

    I'm gonna go ahead and swim upstream for a second. Isn't this a very good option for those whose addictions are killing them? The case the article describes represents a small portion of those considered "addicts", but for those people, this would be a lifesaving therapy. Personally, if I...
  8. bransondude

    Name 10 drugs you want to try!!!

    2C-B Magic Mushrooms LSD real Ecstasy MDMA(usually all people around here can get are meth pills sold as fakestasy) Heroin Butylone Ethylone Ketamine 2C-E GHB Anyone else feel compelled to finish the list?
  9. bransondude

    We will stop raiding medical marijuana providers...

    Don't they already? They send bricks of anything. bricks of weed, bricks of yayo, bricks of heroin. One can even take a short drive to mexico and pick up pretty much any pill known to man.
  10. bransondude

    We will stop raiding medical marijuana providers...

    Though I completely agree that medical marijuana isn't a boon for recreational users, it's a philosophical change in the right direction. Hopefully it's a stepping stone rather than another nail in the coffin.
  11. bransondude

    Joe Rogans letter to Kellogs (about Michael Phelps)

    yeah, Micheal Phelps got shanked by people he thought were friends or at least safe to be around. The cost of celebrity is that everyone wants a piece of you. That Roor bong Micheal used supposedly went for sale on ebay for around $200,000.
  12. bransondude

    Psychedelic illusions...

    Wow, looking at it it just keeps moving. Usually an optical illusion stops working after a few seconds but this one kept my eyes bugging out. Sweetness!
  13. bransondude

    Chemical in Cannabis Helps Cells Grow

    Cannabis research is bizzare to me. Doctors are testing the cannabis compounds one by one, which could take generations. But, cannabis isn't a single compound, it's 60+. How can science possibly tell us what marijuana does to the body without researching marijuana as the many part compound...
  14. bransondude


    I have mixed feelings about the use of the word shaman. Words carry with them histories and feelings from all the time they've been used. For instance, when I think of "shaman" I think of a yoda-like man who lives on the outskirts of a settlement, people only visit when they have to because...
  15. bransondude

    Obama's Mixed Messages on Marijuana

    I don't understand what the big deal is about "using resources" to fix the MMJ raids. Seems to me it would take a couple phone calls. Tell the DEA you want MJ moved to schedule 3. Tell the FDA to recognize the research that has been around for years and they can approve it for medical use...
  16. bransondude

    Stop Extradition for Marc Emery!

    Seems kinda sketchy, there's no real case here. Unless there are factors we don't know about I don't see why the USA is trying to bring him in. Surely they realize there is no case in this, seeds are technically legal which is why they are shipped all over the US regularly. Why go to the...
  17. bransondude

    Obama's half-brother arrested for pot

    man, people will go to extreme lengths to dig up things on famous people. Kinda sad that this is even news, why should we care?
  18. bransondude

    Michael Phelps Caught Smoking Pot

    goes to show that even world class athletes like to be happy!
  19. bransondude

    Physics proves itself to be wrong ?

    Hey all, first post. :shock: I'm kinda jumping into the middle of the discussion here, and I really tried to read the whole thread but my brain was starting to hurt. I read a book called something like Big Bang by Stephen Hawking (he's actually a spectacular author). He did a good job of...