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    Truffles/Philosopher stones

    Yes, I try these everytime I visit Amsterdam. When I first tried them 3 years ago they were a bit weaker than the magic mushrooms but the effects were longer lasting. Nowadays, my trips with the truffles are indistinguishable from my shroom trips. Its like Amsterdam never made shrooms illegal.
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    Holland banning tourists from buying cannabis from the cafes

    I was hoping to find a thread like this in the News section. Looks like they've created plenty of chaos and made Maastricht a haven for street dealers. Protestors just say no to Dutch cannabis ban | Reuters
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    MAY 2 (this wednesday) MIGRATION TO VBULLETIN!

    I made it at last. My email box kept identifying my password email as spam and deleting it. I had to reset my email to stop deleting spam in order to get back here.
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    meditation and transformation (or magick)

    I'm going to be unhelpful here an state that my experience with thelemic magick has had the opposite effect of the one you're looking for. The central canon of Thelema is Do What Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law i.e. find out what you're true will is and do just that. I soon realised that it...
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    First time on hallucigenics need help please...

    I started out as a Christian, then when I became disillusioned with it I joined the Golden Dawn and also became a student of Eastern philosophies. This was all years before my first psychedelic trip. By 2003 when I had my first psychedelic trip, I was an agnostic bordering on atheism. My first...
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    US Citizens campaign to defund drug Czar

    Any US citizens interested in signing a petition sponsored by the Fearless Group to defund the Drug Czar and change a failed drugs policy that is costing the USA millions in tax dollars, see link below. http://taxdollars.ocregister.com/2011/0 ... ion/75949/
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    Timothy Leary - Visionary or Fool

    You can only quote Timothy Leary as an authority to a person who believes he's an authority, otherwise quoting any of his texts means very little, so you're not incorrect, it is a subjective thing. Timothy Leary had his ego failings, but he did leave behind a body of work that could help guide...
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    On killing the ego

    Max, I don't think Leary was intending to describe ego-death when he wrote that passage. That's the description of what might happen to you if you experience the Fire-Flow of Internal Unity vision. He goes on to say: When this happens, there are several steps which can take you back to the...
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    Alcohol 'more harmful than heroin' says Prof David Nutt

    At the moment the tired old moralists are getting their way, they even managed to hold back proposition 19 in California, but hopefully studies like this will have a big part to play in a future populated by more enlightened people.
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    California's Proposition 19 Rejected by Voters

    It's a pity that when politicians get desperate they see marijuana/cannabis as a target. When Gordon Brown was having difficulties he decided to reclassify cannabis from a class C to a class B drug. Similarly Obama is now opposing it due to midterm difficulties, despite being in favour of...
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    Dutch Coffeeshops to become members-only clubs

    It looks like the VVD have sided with the wrong guys for their coalition just because they wanted to implement their austerity plan, which will probably lead to dutch workers going on strike anyway like other countries in Europe have experienced when carrying out such a plan. So much for their...
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    That’s exactly right. Thoughts are coming to us all the time and we can choose whether to bring the positive ones or the negative ones into the world. If we can bring them under control of our higher will, we can choose the positive ones and exorcise the negative ones. My psychedelic experiences...
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    A chance for a scientific drugs policy (UK)

    Anyone who wishes to make their views known to the Home Office can fill in the online form under comment online. http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publicatio ... tegy-2010/
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    "Do What Thou Wilt" means interface with the higher will then be its avatar/representative on Earth, as opposed to "Do Whatever You Want" which could involve catering to negative demands from the lower ego. When I feel I've interfaced with higher beings via a shroom trip I want to spread the...
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    Without discussing any of the contents of The Book of the Law, many of my thoughts on it are mirrored, and to a certain extent influenced by, The Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, a truly excellent book if you can manage to get your hands on a copy.
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    As an avid Aleister Crowley reader I equate magick with being the art and science of cause and effect. Even such a thing as turning on my broadband (cause) to access the internet (effect) is a form of magick albeit a lower form of magick. What occult groups like the Golden Dawn etc practice is...
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    Will you ever be done with psychodelics?

    I certainly plan to continually use for now. Whenever I start to lose my motivation for doing my meditation and my yoga I need my psilocybin to restore it to me. Every few months or so I seem to lose the will to carry on with my gnostic practices and psilocybin always manages to give it back to...
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    "Scientists say Free will isn't real, but urge "Believe!""

    I've studied Thelema and what you're describing as DNA and historical occurences seems a lot like what Aleister Crowley describes as "true will" where "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" but Crowley goes on to explain that harming someone else isn't your true will because it's like...
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    UK Drug Adviser sacked by the Home Office

    Alan Johnson, the UK Home Secretary has sacked Professor David Nutt, the government's drug adviser. Professor Nutt had been making things uncomfortable for the UK government by calling on them to classify drugs by referring to a harm index that put alcohol and tobacco above LSD, ecstasy and...