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    Hello to old teachers and friends

    Holy shit! I haven't posted here in about two years now and I feel like it's time to come back to some kind of psychedelic/philosophical community to share and affirm ideas and all that business. I miss that ebb and flow of ideas and psychedelic support that can be hard to find where I'm living...
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    the "best" diet

    Raw Veganim,or the "Jungle Diet" are the optimal diets for the human digestive system. Eating raw fruits, veggies, nuts and grains are the easiest for your system to process and the least of impact on the planet, if you were to eat locally.
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    Vegetarians read this!!

    You can get B12 from supplements and fortified foods as a vegan. The soy milk I drink has 50% of my day's need in 1 cup :D I'm not sure how the vegans in India would get it, so maybe the whole thing is bogus. When you get down to it, there's not a whole lot that a human really NEEDS, it's all...
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    Who should use entheogens? - Leary, Huxley and Kesey

    That's a good point of view. No one can tell an individual what they can and can't do with their own body, it's a fundamental human right and it's why we're still in the dark ages.
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    Psychonautic Archetype

    The thinker sits and thinks, a philosopher (lover of wisdom). I think the better archetype is "The Seeker", we seek and not necessarily through thought alone.
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    Who should use entheogens? - Leary, Huxley and Kesey

    Be careful not to confuse "intelligent" with "educated" or "learned".
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    Who should use entheogens? - Leary, Huxley and Kesey

    I'm with Kesey, but only in the shamanic context. The dangers associated with psychedelic use are only seen in the materially developed world because we've taken the experience totally out of context. There is no guide, no ritual safety net and as we've seen in the 60s, a great many people are...
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    Codex Seraphinianus

    It's truly a beautiful piece of artwork. I downloaded a copy a couple weeks ago and have really enjoyed flipping through the pages after vaping some good ganga. I read it the same way I read Finnegan's Wake, since I can't understand it I purely appreciate it as beautiful poetry.
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    How I think most psychedelics should be taken, esp. shrooms

    I totally agree. If you know yourself, the mushrooms are much more... constructive I would say (certainly in a psychonautic sense) taken alone either wandering in wonder on a small dose or laying down and meditating on the mushroom in darkness. I find others distracting and hard to communicate...
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    Sage (Salvia officinalis)

    I have a friend who swears by the effects of various essential oils. He has fibromyalgia and OCD and uses the oils to self medicate to positive effect. He's told me about a particular experienced that described ego death when he diffused sandalwood oil in a small room and meditated. Just use...
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    Sage (Salvia officinalis)

    The essential oil should include A-thujone, B-thujone, camphor and cineol. If you diffuse that in a small room, or inhale from the bottle you should feel effects.
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    Morning Glory?

    Heat and light will destroy the LSA, so a cold-solution (or low-heat, as in no boiling) extraction is recommended. See this report and others for a better extraction than water: (http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=10186). Use the Erowid experience vaults to study up, it will greatly...
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    Datura stramonium

    Research tells me that the other parts of the plant are not as consistent in alkaloid content as the seeds. The ratio of scolopamine to hyoscyamine will affect the experience, so I would advise sticking to this reliable source rather than gamble on the alkaloid soup that could be in other plant...
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    Why did I feel a stroke?

    Only when you take preparations that include the leaves or stems. The traditional powdered root has been used for thousands of years with no ill effects when used in moderation. Avoid any extracts unless they explicitly state "root only" or something to that effect. Problems arose, as usual...
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    A set of mantras like IJC's is good. I wrote up a personal manifesto with some guidelines on how to live, that I meant to read every morning/night as a sort of prayer deal, I think I will commit to that now. Besides that I have a prayer I say at the taking or losing of a life, usually only when...
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    Well, I have had a long period of learning about the benefits and positive outcomes of this lifestyle choice. It is very holistic, in more ways than you can realize without some deeper consideration. If you won't watch the clips, please read below and hear me out :) Do it with an open mind and...
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    You can stay unconscious and unaware, that's your decision. I don't respect such a mindless choice, but I still respect you :)
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    how much sleep?

    I'll second every bit of that. I've been doing the bedside notes thing for a very long time and it's huge as a sleep aid, you just need to know where to draw the line; "OK, I've done enough projecting and thinking for tonight. Now, sleep." I've used it mostly for bits of poetic stuff that I...
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    Oh I WISH I was free man, this winter I'm landlocked and I've set it aside for psychedelic voyages. Won't be taking much time off until the summer after next I'm afraid, need money to build up for a grand adventure :D Well, if we are both saving the aya and iboga ceremonies till later, maybe...
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    Hey, I saved you the avatar :P This one is more accurate :D