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  1. soulsearcher

    Does anyone live in the UK??

    Yes, apparently 63 million people live in the UK
  2. soulsearcher

    cannabis trip

    Hasn't happened again ��
  3. soulsearcher

    Truffles/Philosopher stones

    I tried Hollandia a few days ago they are supposed to be twice as strong as Atlantis and the taste is good not sour, tripped lake crazy on 7.5 grams, after an hour took the other half 15 grams total . I had a good 4.5 hours of tripping oev cev introspective incites etc., was crying with joy and...
  4. soulsearcher

    cannabis trip

    Hi, Not sure why maybe I was baked too, nothing like it since a..damn ! Puff puff pass ???
  5. soulsearcher

    cannabis trip

    Hi, The hash I smoked was from a 13 gram lump I bought.... So don't think it was that as I'd used it before without any unusual trips �� , Nothing like it since either ??
  6. soulsearcher

    A guide to concentration meditation that is not bullshit

    I've just started meditating..find it hard, usually fall asleep, but must persevere !
  7. soulsearcher

    Cannabis is good for the brain

    yeah me too, think it helps my little brain !
  8. soulsearcher

    Motivations for trying drugs

    to feel normal !
  9. soulsearcher

    My first DMT trip - oh my god it's full of stars !

    Hi, loved reading your trip report, I was really interested in the part where you said ..." Scary as hell at first but letting go..wow." I have been having trouble breaking through, I don't know If it's me (probably is) or not enough Ethnobotanical material , I've tried Peyote, San Pedro...
  10. soulsearcher

    make a quid from 10x dried salvia D.

    Hi, No, not yet !
  11. soulsearcher

    cannabis trip

    Hi, I had a strange trip last night after smoking some hash, wanted some advice... about 5-10 minutes after I smoked I was really light headed and dizzy I was sat down, then I started to see psychedelic patterns coming towards me in a constant stream(closed Eyes) they were changing, evolving...
  12. soulsearcher


    Thanks :D
  13. soulsearcher

    make a quid from 10x dried salvia D.

  14. soulsearcher

    what to do when people you don't like try to get in your head?

    I tend to feel sorry for them (sometimes after the anger has gone) they are the ones with the problem, taken me 30 plus years to get there though ! and I try to avoid them also, the negative energy is too much for me, sometime in the future I hope I'll be able to give something and help them to...
  15. soulsearcher

    make a quid from 10x dried salvia D.

    Ok Thanks :)
  16. soulsearcher


    Thanks Braineater, yeah I know that I have to learn to let go more and trust and not fight it, I know I have been resisting out of fear and lack of trust (I've have big trust issues in my life) , but I'm getting there slowly :)
  17. soulsearcher

    make a quid from 10x dried salvia D.

    Hi, I have a few grams of dried 10x S.D., I was wondering if I could chew it or hold in my mouth for a while ? anyone got any tips about this ? I find smoking it very intense, and I'd like to try a slower method :yawinkle:
  18. soulsearcher


    Hi, I joined a few months ago, only just got around to introducing myself, I started smoking marijuana when I was in My mid forties, It did me a lot of good clearing out old issues in my life it's good for making me see who I really am...